Coffee Masters Flavored Coffee, Chocolate Raspberry, Whole Bean, 12-Ounce Bags

The essence of vine-ripened raspberries rolled in creamy milk chocolate. Since 1985, Coffee Masters has been roasting only the finest high-grown gourmet grade Arabica coffees. Our Midwestern family values are founded in our pioneer heritage that drives our commitment to product excellence. Our award-winning coffees are hand-selected, craft roasted and scientifically measured to maximize consistency of quality. Each coffee is packaged with the latest stay-fresh technology so that you will enjoy the outstanding fresh-roasted flavor that our customers have come to expect from us. Made in USA.

Quick facts

  • Case of four 12-ounce valve bags of whole bean Chocolate Raspberry flavored coffee (48 total ounces)
  • 100% Arabica whole bean coffee; freshly roasted and Kosher certified
  • Tart and sweet combination of chocolate and raspberry
  • Nitrogen-flushed bag for freshness
  • Choice beans blended and roasted in U.S.

Top reviews

Heavenly Coffee

What a heavenly fragrance towake up to in the morning! Two of my favorite flavors – rich, dark chocolate overlaid with just the right amount of raspberry. I used to get this from Gevalia, but they got too expensive. Coffee Masters is cheaper and has a better product. I will definitely order this again.
MargertBryceville, FL

Wake up and smell the coffee!!!!

I really enjoyed the flavor of this coffee. It’s much better and fresher to grind your own beans. The aroma woke up my brother whom I’m visiting in California. He said he hated flavored coffee.However, I caught him drinking my coffee instead of using his messy cappucino maker. I’m sure the other flavors from Coffee Masters are just as aromatic.
ConchaLincoln, AL

tasteless water is what you get

this is the worst coffee i have ever had. all you get is literally warm water. my secretary and i both tried it, then dumped the cups and the pot. it tasted like warm diluted milk, sans coffee.
AveryHobart, IN

Cloying Raspberry Flavor

I wanted to love this coffee. I wanted to want to drink it all day long. But, it’s not meant to be.

The raspberry flavor is incredibly cloying–so strong that the actual taste of coffee is lost. I almost always have to cut this coffee with a plain coffee (I use about an 8th of this coffee to non-flavored coffee to just get a hint of raspberry and chocolate).

If you love raspberry flavor (which I do), just be warned that this may be too powerful even for the staunchest raspberry connoisseur. Exercise caution–or at least just buy 1 bag at first, instead of 4 (like me).

TiannaCorrales, NM

Coffee Masters Flavored Coffee, Chocolate…

Poor flavor and has a strange almost chemical taste from something. Forced myself through one bag because of the cost but threw the other two bags away. Will never buy again.
BrunaPenns Grove, NJ