Coffee Masters Flavored Coffee, Spice Butter Rum, Ground, 12-Ounce Bags

The flavor of hot spiced rum with our fine coffee. Does not contain alcohol. Since 1985, Coffee Masters has been roasting only the finest high-grown gourmet grade Arabica coffees. Our Midwestern family values are founded in our pioneer heritage that drives our commitment to product excellence. Our award-winning coffees are hand-selected, craft roasted and scientifically measured to maximize consistency of quality. Each coffee is packaged with the latest stay-fresh technology so that you will enjoy the outstanding fresh-roasted flavor that our customers have come to expect from us. Made in USA.

Quick facts

  • Case of four 12-ounce valve bags of ground Spice Butter Rum flavored coffee (48 total ounces)
  • 100% Arabica ground coffee; freshly roasted and Kosher certified
  • Flavor of hot spiced rum
  • Nitrogen-flushed bag for freshness
  • Choice beans blended and roasted in U.S.

Top reviews

Amazing value for great coffee!

At less than $24 for a total of 48 oz of very tasty coffee, this comes out to less than 50 cents per oz (which is how much I use daily, roughly 2 large cups of pretty strong java). If it weren’t for this value, I’d probably keep buying at the grocery store (some of the better brands). I wasn’t sure whether I’d like the flavor, and at first it seemed a bit too spicy. But I’ve grown to like it a lot. I’ll be trying a different flavor for my next order of four 12-oz bags, but I’ll keep this one on my list of ‘flavors I like’.
CheriTamarack, MN


From the wonderful smell while it brews, to the very last sip, this is absolutely heaven.
MichikoSwartswood, NJ

Great Coffee

Great flavor and great quality. Will order again as the price is well below retail.
LettySerafina, NM