Coffee-mate Coffee Creamer, Hazelnut Pump Bottle, 1.5L

Nestlé Coffee-mate Hazelnut liquid pump bottle has a nutty sweetness which makes it a crowd pleaser. Each Coffee-mate pump bottle is 1.5 liters, which is approximately 300 servings/bottle. 1 pump = 1 liquid creamer single serving. Most people put two or three pumps into their cup of coffee. If that is too much or not enough, feel free to adjust to your liking. Ambient, 30-day shelf life after opening. 9-month shelf life before opening. Once attached onto the bottle, the pump neck must be released for the pump to depress and start working. Make sure the pump base where you tighten it is as tight as you can make it. Then release the top by turning it to the left while holding firm the red base on the pump closest to the pump nozzle. The pump neck should pop up. Do not refrigerate. If you do refrigerate the product, the liquid which is inside the pump will start to harden. When the liquid inside the pump hardens, the pump will be difficult to depress. If the pump gets difficult to depress either because the product has been refrigerated or hasn’t been used frequently, run the pump under hot water to loosen the liquid inside the pump. The pump is non-removable once installed to ensure food safety. The product formula has sugar added to it which makes this product shelf stable. Coffee-mate is America’s #1 coffee creamer, backed by the power of millions of devoted fans. With America’s favorite brand of creamer in the home and office, everyone can enjoy coffeehouse indulgence without ever leaving the building. Businesses realize Coffee-mate is a powerful business builder, as studies show customers will visit a location more often if Coffee-mate is offered. Coffee-mate. Preferred by Taste. Preferred by Name.

Quick facts

  • Two Coffee-mate Hazelnut liquid pump bottles (1.5 liters each)
  • 1 liquid concentrate pump = 1 liquid creamer single serving. Approximately 300 servings/bottle
  • Shelf-stable (no refrigeration needed)
  • Lactose free; gluten free; Kosher dairy
  • Perfect for home, office or foodservice locations

Top reviews


I really like the coffe-mate ceamers, especially the hazelnut. I like the fact that it doesn’t have to be refrigerated since it lasts a long time. The refigerated ones usually don’t get used up and I have to throw some away and I hate to waste. I only have one problem with this one and that is that this is the second bottle I have gotten that the pump doesn’t work to well. But, that is not enough to make me quit buying it.

I forgot that I could edit my review or I would have been back awhile ago. These are only good for awhile. After a period of time the pump stops working and I found that I had to cut the bottle open in order to be able to get a spoon in to use the last 1/4 of the bottle as it is was thick to pour.

TraceeHallsville, MO

Convenient, but not the answer.

A ‘pump’ of this creamer is 8 ml, and is 40 calories of concentrated sweetness. Two to three ‘pumps’ are needed for color and flavor (and I’m one to tell the latte stand to use less syrup in my coffee drinks.) You can store the product at room temp, but directions are to discard after 30 days. There is an aftertaste – slightly bitter with this creamer that’s off-putting. I might purchase again, despite this, because of the convenience, if it weren’t for the high ‘cost’ of calories. I’m going back to fat free half-and-half in the fridge.
RebekahSilerton, TN

Not as good as the 32oz refrigerated type

I normally buy the 32oz container from the refrigerated section and decided to give this one a try. Very dissapointed. I put in 5 pumps into a mug of coffee and still cannot get the real hazelnut flavor or sweetness to match the refrigerated type. I will continue to buy the 32oz one in my local store, which by the way is GREAT.
FerminSimms, TX

Both pumps stopped working.

To start off, everyone that has tasted this here in my office prefers the taste of the powder and not the liquid. I have to agree with that.

About the pumps. One stopped working before I even got half way done with it. So I swapped it with the other pump (intended for the 2nd container). The 2nd pump also stopped working about a week after it was replaced. Now I have one container that has half still remaining and the other container isn’t even open and both remain pumpless. At 1st I thought it was just one faulty pump… but BOTH? Come on. Ok product as far as taste, but horrible pump design. I’m sticking to the powder.

BridgetteWest Tremont, ME


As an Aussie who became addicted to flavoured coffee creamer over several visits to the USA, this product is a godsend (it simply isn’t available anywhere here). I have found no problem with it’s freshness deteriorating once opened (although a bottle doesn’t last the recommended 30 days before discarding). Admittedly, I haven’t tested it with an Australian summer yet. Like some other reviewers, I do have two pumps per cup of coffee – but then, when using the refrigerated creamers, I always had a fairly generous splash, so this may just be my personal preference.
MartyAthens, GA


The only place that sells this product is SAM”S. The hazelnut is soo good. We also put it in oatmeal, pancake batter gives them a extra flavor. Thee Problem is SAM’S seems to only ordering the french vanilla for now. That has no taste at all.Coffee-Mate Hazelnut (concentrated) with Pump, 50.7-Ounce Units (Pack of 2)
DanutaGravel Switch, KY

Coffeemate Concentrate Pump-a-Fantastic!

Love the convenience of a countertop creamer ready at your fingertips!
Frees up space in the fridge. Gives my coffee area in the kitchen a “bistro style”! Two pumps and a splash of skim milk and my coffee’s good to go. Flavor is identical to the refrigerated version.
AleidaHysham, MT

Hazelnut Coffee-mate Creamer

Hazelnut Coffee-mate creamer starts our day with a smile and there is no taste comparision, it is the best, so heck with the rest!
ShaunRexford, KS

bitter yuck!!!!!

This stuff is nasty it’s not that sweet and there is a nasty bitter after taste. I prefer italian cream so much more.
PhillipBraman, OK

coffee-mate hazelnut pump bottle

this is so convenient having it sent every other month as i could never find it at big box store when i needed it.
WindyCarson, VA

poor pump

My household really likes this creamer. The pump does suck but we found it works better if you don’t screw it onto the bottle. We also used to purchace this product from sams club but they have to order a palet of french vanilla when they order a palet of hazelnut. The hazelnut always sold out first and they wouldn’t order more till the french vanilla was gone, now our sams doesn’t order it at all anymore. It really disapoints me that amazon has raised the price on this product in the last couple months.
BrandenPrattville, AL


do you really want to be drinking propylene glycol? get the refrigerated kind or the single serve tubs instead i
ClaireSaint Marks, FL

Hazelnut Coffeemate Liquid Creamer

Love getting my favorite coffee creamer monthly! SAMs Club use to carry it but no longer has it available. Price is comparable and comes right to my door. I use “subscribe an save” so there is no charge for shipping … With gas prices like they are this makes for a great savings! I recommend it.
LorineLilliwaup, WA

Indulgent Flavor, Practical Price

We drink a LOT of coffee at my house, especially since my parents bought us a K-Cup machine. Combine that with the hand-held milk frother we bought on Amazon and it’s like having a coffee shop steps from your couch! As a result, we go through a lot of cream, sugar, flavoring, etc. We like to have a lot on hand so we never get bored!

This economy size pump is perfect for me, since I never get tired of Hazelnut! I add a splash or two of this to almost every concoction. My favorite hazelnut feast? Gloria Jean’s Hazelnut K-Cup, brewed extra hot, with a heaping tablespoon of Nutella stirred in until dissolved and then 3 pumps of Coffee-Mate Hazelnut added. A quick froth with the hand frother and I am ready to cozy up with some homemade dark chocolate Biscotti and a good book for some ‘Me Time’. *sigh* Heaven!

MaxieHensonville, NY

Thank you Amazon for stocking my creamer

When I lived in TN, I was able to find this pump creamer at a local wholesale club. When I moved to AZ, the same club did not carry it. So, I checked on and there it was. I am really happy. I love my morning coffee and the creamer in the pump is so handy. When I run out, I will be ordering from again.
GeniaHigh Shoals, NC

Love Amazon

purchased two order of this coffee mate … when the order came one of the bottle leaked EVERYWHERE during shipping.
emailed the seller to resolve it. they responded QUICKLY and asked us if we wanted a shipment replacement or refund.
we accepted refund and we were refunded within the same day. GREAT services !!! THANK YOU for the hassle free purchase !!!
MildaRobersonville, NC

arrived unsealed

both containers arrived opened you could not tell they were open till you got inside carton. product only good 30 days didn’t know how long they had been open or if contaminated
JermaineDelaware, AR

Ok flavor, poor pump design

I’ve tried both Coffee-Mate creamer pumps in both Hazelnut and French Vanilla varieties. We use them for convenience at our office as well as at my church. The creamer itself is approximately equivalent to what you get in the individual flavored cups you find at gas stations and some restaurants. It’s nowhere near as good as the fresh stuff you get at your grocery store. Each pump is supposed to be equal to one mini-tub but I don’t think it is quite as potent personally.

The main issue with these pumps aside from a compromise on taste is the poor quality of the pumps themselves. They frequently fail while the canister still has several inches of creamer still in it. Because of the nature of condensed creamer (thick and sticky) using the last 15-20% of the tub becomes tedious and messy. You either have to waste some of the creamer or sacrifice the convenience of of the pump–which is the main selling point to begin with.

We still use these pumps because there is no readily available alternative, but for my personal coffee I stay away from them and go for fresh creamer whenever possible.

MiraWarrensville, NC

Good product

Have been using this product for a good while, so sorry that I can only purchase online. Thanks to the Amazon marketplace.
No refrigeration needed and no need to sweeten coffee.
LesleyKanaranzi, MN