Cola Syrup, 16 oz.

For Relief of Simple Nausea. Classic syrup without the carbonation. An old-fashioned remedy for stomach distress. Cayce suggested small doses mixed with plain (uncarbonated) water or pour a small amount over cracked ice. The syrup can also be used as a base for occasional beverage-making by those who wish to avoid carbonation. “To be sure, Coca-Cola syrup is helpful to the kidneys, but if taken, use the Coca-Cola syrup in plain water…” Also Try our other line of Cola Syrup with 100% Pure Cane Sugar!

Quick facts

  • For Those Who Want to Avoid Carbonation
  • Relief of Simple Nausea due to Stomach Upset
  • Kidney & Bladder Support
  • Great for Beverage Making
  • Noncarbonated

Top reviews

A S……T H E……S T O M A C H……T U R N S…………

BAAR Cola Syrup at least TASTES good. I agree with my fellow reviewers who say it tastes good. It’s exactly like coca-cola in flavour, except that it’s not quite as sweet. (And thus, doesn’t even approach Pepsi-Cola in intensity of sweetness.) No matter — I just add a few packets of my own favourite artificial sweetener….

This syrup, however, lists “High Fructose Corn Syrup and/or Sucrose” as its first ingredient. Sucrose is another word for sugar….bad enough, but at least it’s been used for thousands and thousands of years, and most people, throughout history, who have imbibed sucrose/sugar, have lead relatively normal,(and normal-length), lives. But High Fructose Corn Syrup, though also natural, is a somewhat modern invention. Thus, the claim above the name, “Cola Syrup”, right in the middle of the front of the label, (that this is an “Old Fashioned Remedy”) is patently false.
(H.F. Corn Syrup was first — unsuccessfully — produced in 1957, and then sucessfully mass-produced and introduced into foods in 1975.) Even if you are born in 2010, anything that has been around in foods for only 35 years, (since 1975), can hardly be called “old-fashioned”! Also, the listing of TWO ingredients, (“High-Fructose Corn Syrup AND / OR Sucrose”), as the possible number one, (largest amount) ingredient, is misleading, confusing, and (almost?) a violation of the law which mandates ingredients in food be listed in descending order of their amounts. Are these “And/Or” ingredients listed alphabetically? In order of how many bottles have HFCS, and how many have sucrose? And how does one know, (if one is not a celebrity and is possibly being given the bottle for advertisement purposes), if the bottle one has purchased have the HFCS or the Sucrose?

It is also totally astonishing to me that, according to the bottle, this product’s manufacturer, BAAR, is the official supplier of Edgar Cayce Products! The insignia of “Cayce Care” is, indeed, on this label! And although the insignia is quite pretty, (a gold-outlined, white, horizontal oval, with a pretty little maple-leaf between the words “Cayce” and “Care”), I simply
CANNOT believe that those who presently run the “Edgar Cayce Foundation” would ever condone the use of high-fructose corn syrup
in any of their products! (Edgar Cayce himself probably never
heard of H.F.C.S, as he himself died in 1945. Of course, Mr. Cayce is justly famous for his predictions of the future, (which he found whilst sleeping) — but I am quite certain, (after reading up on H.F.C.S., on Wikipedia and elsewhere), that if Mr.
Cayce ever DID dream of H.F.C.S., he probably put it in the “nightmare” classification, and tried to forget all about it as much, and as soon, as possible! In his place, I know that’s what I would have done!) To find high-fructose corn syrup in an Edgar Cayce Product is totally beyond belief. For myself, I will continue to admire, and research the modest, but completely genuine and gifted genuis who was Edgar Cayce — but I will get my cola syrup elsewhere!

And, where elsewhere? From SodaSteam Soda Mix! Slightly more expensive than this “Baar” Cola Syrup, it gives one: 1) A much, much thicker syrup, but the same 16 ounce size 2) Sweetening with SPLENDA. Many people are down on Splenda, but it has been cited as the safest of the artificial sweeteners by David Zinczenko, of the “Eat This — Not That” series of books. Too much of anything is not good, of course, (I found that using too much Splenda gave me, personally, elevated readings on my liver tests….so I cut down) — but from all I’ve read, Splenda is better than High-Fructose Corn Syrup, by a couple of miles!

So, it’s SodaStream Soda Mix Cola flavour for me. If I find a healthier alternative than that, I will switch, (and hopefully be able to share my discoveries in an Amazon review). But, as of now, I don’t think I will buy BAAR Cola Syrup, (Old-Fashioned Remedy….?????), thin, watery, and most probably laced with High-Fructose Corn Syrup, ever again!

Near the bottom of the front of the label, it proclaims that this cola syrup, “Soothes Stomach Upset”. But knowing I know now, this effect is, for my stomach, very, very temporary, at best. H.F.C.S. — “High-Fake-Customer-Switcheroo” syrup, is not something that I recommmend….for anyone!

NathanialSidney Center, NY

Tried To Use With My Soda-Club Unit

I purchased this Cola Syrup, and many other to test with my Soda-Club soda making machine. I make many different flavors with it, but I’ve had a hard time find a Cola Syrup produces the taste of Coke Cola. I’ve searched the world, via the internet, and I have yet to find a perfect matchup.
For me, I consider the this Cola syrup and the Soda-Club Cola syrup to be equals. The taste is about the same. Cost wise, also about the same, as the Soda-Club mix comes in a smaller container that you use less of, but with this Syrup you get a lot more, but have to use a little more for the same results.
So in the end, if I am already ordering something else from the Soda Club, then I would just use the Cola syrup they sell, otherwise, I would order this syrup.
LeilaniRumsey, KY

works like a charm

Upset stomach reach for good ole cola syrup rather than the pills or pink stuff.
OletaFair Haven, VT


I lightly brush this syrup on Carne Asada steaks before BBQ’ing them. It gives the meat a slightly sweet taste to contrast the hot salsa that I use when eating tacos.
LinetteLoup City, NE


Every thing came thru OK. Except that the lid on one bottle was a little lose and the bottle leaked in shipping.
LeroyCrockett, VA

Can’t Live Without It

I’ve used Cola Syrup for nausea since my mom gave it to me as a kid in the 1950’s. Now that I am in my late 50’s and have developed problems with most medications, this is the only thing I can take for nausea. Since I have chronic migraines, its a real life saver.
Cat B.
LolaCamp, AR

Great Product

This cola syrup is an excellent value and tastes great. It really helps with nausea and I highly recommend it.
LynneLamont, CA

Cola Syrup

I was surprised that this product contains high fructose corn syrup although it was my mistake for not reading the ingredients before I purchased it. Still the product arrived on time and in good condition. I was also surprised that it was an Edgar Cayce approved product, good for common nausea and hard to find in this quantity in your local pharmacies.
NikiFairdale, WV

hard to find natural headache relief

just what the DO ordered. just the thing for migraines when you don’t or won’t want to resort to heavy, addicting pharmacuticals. just pour over ice and sip. bingo, headache gone
CarmelaKansas, IL

No bubbles allowed!

Simple, delicious cola flavored syrup. I don’t need the bubbles and its soothes the stomach. Price was very fair compared to other suppliers, but shipping was a bit high. Almost $20 total for 16 oz makes this undesirable. I will seek out other sources for this product.
CharleyLake Lillian, MN

Cola lover

Good product. Ideal if you want to make your cola a little stronger tasting for a quicker picker upper. A little pricey but good.
MathildaGorham, ME

used cola syrup most my life

Same as CAT review ..I discovered this product when I was in my 30s’ ( I’m 80 now) I had migraines for over thirty years and the pain and mausea were terrible. Cola helped with the nausea but they never treated migraine as anything but sn orphan disease.
MarylynnSmyer, TX