College Inn Beef Broth, 48-Ounce in Carton

When we make a College Inn broth, we put in only the highest quality ingredients. Plump chicken or tender beef. Delicious vegetables. And just the right herbs and spices.

Quick facts

  • A traditional beef broth for simmered-all-day flavor in a flash. Made with the highest quality ingredients
  • 99% fat free
  • Available in cans and convenient resealable cartons – use just as much as you need and save the rest for later

Top reviews

College Inn Chicken Broth, 48-Ounce Pack of 4

Way to much salt. 930 mg in a cup. Won’t buy again. If Amazon would post the the nutrition ingredients, I and other customers would not buy item’s we can’t use. Clearly a waste of money.
KizzyKing Of Prussia, PA

a little salty

I cooked noodle soups using the chicken soup as the base. The chicken soup turned out to be a little salty. I added noodles and vegetables into the soup without adding extra salt. But it is still a little salty. So, I had to add water and make it more tasty.
GinnySteuben, WI

Spoiled Horrible

I got several packages of this and I will never order it again. I put in my pantry and a week later started to notice a sour smell in there. I could not pin point it but when I went to make soup that afternoon pulled out one of these and it was all moldy! The seal had broken in shipment and another had been leaking. It was a terrible mess, even the one that was still good and sealed tasted bland and I was afraid to use it.
What a waste of money.
ExieWapanucka, OK

very bland

The broth is very bland and tastes sour. Not sure why the chicken broth would taste sour. I would not recommand anyone to buy this broth.
NeelyMartin, SC