Colombian Supremo Green Coffee Beans – 5lbs

Colombian coffees, what can I say that Juan hasn’t already said. They are well balanced, medium bodied, and bright. Supremo refers to the bean size only and has nothing to do with cupping profiles or altitudes. Supremos are larger than excelsos with a screen size of 18. Roast anywhere from light to espresso depending on your personal preference. They are a good hard bean. Green coffee beans are shipped in plastic bags and include roasting instructions.

Quick facts

  • Colombian Supremo Green Coffee Beans.
  • Home Roasting is Fun, Easy and Fast!
  • Learn how to roast coffee in your home.
  • U-Roast-Em sells over 40 varieties of green coffee beans.
  • Try the best cup of coffee ever!

Top reviews

great roasting

The price is competitive and the beans are well cleaned. There isn’t a large amount of husks left after roasting.
TajuanaCarson City, NV