Colorado Spice Oregano, Whole Mexican, 5-Ounce Jars

Since 1988, Colorado Spice has been providing the finest restaurants, food manufacturers, and grocers throughout the U.S. with high-quality, all-natural and organic herbs and custom spice blends. Colorado Spice is one of the most respected spice companies in the nation! At Colorado Spice, we understand the importance of a home-cooked, delicious meal that is quick and easy to prepare.  We are passionate about helping our customers prepare tasty, unique meals utilizing our flavorful spices.  All of our spice blends include an easy-to-follow, easy-to-prepare, chef-developed recipe that is sure to wow! Our blends are authentic to the cuisine from which they are developed. They are unadulterated and pure as defined by the Pure Food and Drug Act. Our products have no dyes, no artificial colors, and no MSG. All of our products are produced in our Boulder, CO facility. The owner, Rodney Smith, spends countless hours sourcing the best possible herbs and spices throughout the U.S. and the world. The Colorado Spice single-use retail bags offer a great way to prepare exquisite gourmet meals at home. Each of our fifty blends include a protein specific recipe straight from our chef to your kitchen. We are proud to make it easy to produce delicious home cooked meals.

Quick facts

  • This flavorful and aromatic herb can be used in a variety of dishes and complements many flavors
  • This size is great for chefs, restaurants or industrial kitchens
  • Kosher certified
  • Contains no dyes, no artificial colors, and no MSG
  • Made in Boulder, Colorado, USA

Top reviews

Very flavorful – and bunch for the price

Bit surprised by what 4 ounces of this stuff looked like – four giant containers – so it’s going on the Wheaties, PBJs for the boys, and any dinner dish. That’s OK because it’s very tasty and has a great flavor that adds authenticity to chili, et al. Buy this stuff and give 3 away.

Update: the stems are really tough and have to picked out so you don’t end up with bits of wood in the chili.

CeceliaChantilly, VA

Great taste and a lot of it.

My husband is a wonderful amateur chef. He does all the cooking at home and is quite particular about his kitchen and what is stocked in it. He asked me to buy some dried Oregano. I found this product on and purchased it. There is SO much oregano; I was rather shocked at the volume when it arrived. I opened one jar and whoosh-the aroma filled my nostrils and the room around me. Joe smelled it as well, liked it and used it right away in a spaghetti sauce he was making. Excellent. We gave away 2 jars to friends and still have more than enough. I can really taste the difference between this product and an “off the shelf” supermarket oregano. We both heartily recommend Colorado Spice Oregano to you.
MonicaMorristown, TN