Colorado Spice Poppy Seed, Whole, 28-Ounce Jars

Since 1988, Colorado Spice has been providing the finest restaurants, food manufacturers, and grocers throughout the U.S. with high-quality, all-natural and organic herbs and custom spice blends. Colorado Spice is one of the most respected spice companies in the nation! At Colorado Spice, we understand the importance of a home-cooked, delicious meal that is quick and easy to prepare.  We are passionate about helping our customers prepare tasty, unique meals utilizing our flavorful spices.  All of our spice blends include an easy-to-follow, easy-to-prepare, chef-developed recipe that is sure to wow! Our blends are authentic to the cuisine from which they are developed. They are unadulterated and pure as defined by the Pure Food and Drug Act. Our products have no dyes, no artificial colors, and no MSG. All of our products are produced in our Boulder, CO facility. The owner, Rodney Smith, spends countless hours sourcing the best possible herbs and spices throughout the U.S. and the world. The Colorado Spice single-use retail bags offer a great way to prepare exquisite gourmet meals at home. Each of our fifty blends include a protein specific recipe straight from our chef to your kitchen. We are proud to make it easy to produce delicious home cooked meals.

Quick facts

  • Unique seeds can be used for a wide variety of baked goods and dishes
  • This size is great for chefs, restaurants or industrial kitchens
  • Kosher certified
  • Contains no dyes, no artificial colors, and no MSG
  • Made in Boulder, Colorado, USA

Top reviews

Very very dirty seeds

Great organic seeds, they appear to be almost unwashed – smell like soil. They aren’t that great for cooking at all. They have an odd residue coating them that you can get rid of with water, but then the seeds are useless!

Stay away if you want quality seeds to COOK with, I’M VERY HIGHly informed on quality seeds.

GregoryDiamond Bar, CA

Great seeds

I don’t know about cooking with them, but throw a few hand-fulls into your garden. I have hundreds of these coming up now.
MarlaCenter, MO

Washed Washed Washed

These seeds got to me very quickly …And for cooking I’m sure there fine…But they are very clean seeds washed washed washed …No taste… no oil….Might as well buy them from the supermarket…Complete TEA USELESS….I think some of the other reviewers may work for the company….Look Elsewhere folks….
AbeNew Waverly, IN

No longer colorado spice seeds

These are no longer Colorado Spice Seeds. Colorado spice seeds were the best. Unwashed with a crisp, peppery taste. These are no longer those seeds. Otto’s are just soggy, heavily washed seeds. Nothing good, just run of the mill stuff. Overpriced at this quality. I won’t buy again. This ad is deceptive.
LauranKingsley, IA

Great product but could be a little cheaper

I agree with the other guy. Great earthy smelling stuff. However, the product could be a little cheaper. I know the containers and printing cost money, but still. In anycase this company is excellent.
JohnathanGuilford, IN

Seeds are ok.

The seeds arrived a day early. These seeds fall into the middle quality. They are not totally washed but don’t have a strong peppery flavour like completely raw unwashed seeds which contain more residue on the outside shell.
I would prefer these seeds to totally flavorless washed seeds, but they aren’t the dark large aromatic seeds that pop up now and then with that beautiful earthy and peppery flavor that are almost sticky with residue. The packaging was excellent and they arrive really fast for standard shipping.
CecileCartersville, GA

Good Price & Quality, but Better Deals Are Available

For anyone who does any cooking that involves poppy seeds, it makes total sense to buy in semi-bulk.

For the cost of two, twenty-eight ounces of these high quality Colorado Spice seeds, you might be able to buy a few ounces (6-9 bottles) from your local grocery store.

There are many great recipes from Eastern Europe that use lots and lots of these tasty seeds. I haven’t bothered trying to buy in super-bulk yet, like the 70 lbs bags! But I might in the near future 🙂

I should offer a warning to people who are subjected to random urinalyses: at work, in the military or on probation: some of the recipes that call for a large amounts of poppy seeds (like Hungarian “Beiglis”) can cause a positive result for opiate use.

I run these tests for people in my department and for some employees, it can cause serious problems, so please be careful! I unofficially tested myself after eating a Czech Kolache, and my pee was positive for opiates for four days!! (using the OPI2000 indicator kit)

Probably best not to bring these dishes in to work and share them with your co-workers! They covered this on Myth-Busters I heard, and its absolutely true.

SookSabattus, ME