Columbus Salame Company Italian Dry Salame V2 Paper Wrap 3 Pound

Columbus Italian Dry Salame 3 pound V2 Paper Wrap. First, let’s talk about the salame–a slow-cured classic made with spices, robust wine and select cuts of pork. Second, let’s discuss the wrapping-¬elegant, tasteful and perfect for gift baskets. Third, let’s go over how to enjoy it–peel, slice, then devour. Columbus Salame “When the Italian-born founders of Columbus Salame came to America in 1917, they brought their authentic Italian recipes with them. Soon they opened their doors in San Francisco and began crafting and selling their artisan salame. Today, Columbus has become one of the most respected producers of fine foods in the country. They’re still a family owned business. And they’re still as crazy about making the kinds of premium salame people love.” ***Warm Weather Shipping Warning*** We strongly recommend using an expedited shipping method for Columbus Salame items. Bear in mind standard shipping can take up to 7 days in transit. Your items are shipped based upon the method you choose. Taylor’s Market will not be responsible for items which spoil in transit due an improper shipping method having been chosen by the customer.

Quick facts

  • Slow-Cured Classic
  • Made with spices, robust wine, and select cuts of pork
  • 3 pound stick

Top reviews

Tastes like c**p

I bought this salami at Costco, thinking this may be a great way to experience dry salami made in the Italian way. What a major disappointment. Both my wife and I think the taste is terrible, almost spoiled.
Now, I love salami. I’m a salami lover. I’ve eaten a salami sandwich every day for the last three years. Every day!!!!! I buy most of my hard salami at Sam’s Club from a vendor called Castle Wood. It ‘s not as good nor as inexpensive as their previous vendor called Margherita, but it’s pretty similar in taste. But, after tasting this product carefully, I’m getting pretty close to simply chucking the remainder of this Columbus dry Italian salame (why do they insist on spelling it this way) in the trash. What a waste. Don’t waste your money like I did.
DorethaCobbtown, GA

Love this stuff

This stuff is so good, I miss being able to just go over to the store and buying it, but they don’t seem to sell it on the east coast except online. Great for sandwiches, and on crackers, or just eat it by itself. It is perfect for any occasion.
JoeFromberg, MT


This was always my favorite when I lived in Ca. Cant get it here except through you now and one other place. Everything is good, However, I just wish I could still get it over the counter for 3.89 lb. God Bless ya Billy Poe
AutumnSugarloaf, CA

Excellent but too expensive

This is one of the best salami I have tasted this side of the Atlantic, but it is way to expensive. You can buy it at Costco for around $16.00.
EdaCapeville, VA

#1 Salame

This is the best salame. I look forward to our trip to California every year for the fun and I know that there is always a log of this stuff at everyone of our family members house. Never really looked into buying it online but now I can enjoy this all the time.
SheaModale, IA


NORMALLY, this Columbus Salame is GREAT… but lately, there seems to be a problem with just “getting the paper off of the salame!” – I so don’t like eating paper w/my Italian Salame, but it doesn’t come off, unless you either peel or cut half of the meat off off of the product to get it off! – NOT GOOD! – Somebody is taking shortcuts with this product, and eventually causing good-paying customers who love Italian Salame, to look elsewhere for their “Italian Salame addiction!” – LOL! – The product itself is still GOOD… it’s just becoming “TOO HARD TO GET TO,” for the money!- I’ve been eating Italian Dry Salame for over 30 Yrs. now, and I prefer the Columbus Brand, for its consistency! – IT IS, SIMPLY PUT, A SUPERIOR PRODUCT, minus the paper issue! – SO.. I’m taking away “1-star” from the rating because of the “paper” problem!
ClaytonGouldsboro, ME

GREAT Product!!!

I have bought from, and will buy from this vender again. A little slow to ship, but the wait is well worth it.
EmilyEnglewood, NJ


I was very happy to find this Columbus Italian Dry Salame at Amazon. We moved into a rural area. It was hard to find even in the city. We were pleasantly surprised to find that it came in extra fresh condition – as we got it direct from the maker. We couldn’t be happier.
BernitaOkay, OK