Combos Pizzeria Pretzel Baked Snacks Singles, 18 Count

Crunchy oven baked pretzels with spicy cheese pizza flavored fillings create the perfect hunger management snack. Two hearty tastes – one filling snack. Enjoy the delicious taste of COMBOS Baked Snacks. Deliciousness Stuffed with Awesomeness.

Quick facts

  • Contains two (2) boxes of eighteen (18) individual servings of COMBOS Pizzariea Pretzel Baked Snacks
  • Made with Real Cheese
  • Single-serving bags make it a quick and easy on-the-go snack
  • The taste of real pizza packed into an awesome and crunchy snack
  • Packaged for individual resale and a great item for vending

Top reviews

I Have Been Looking For This For Awhile

I love this as a snack between meals as well as at work. The individual bags makes it easy to take anywhere I go. This has a great flavor . Love the pretzel and the crunch. This came in to large boxes
LanellVolga, IA

Dangerously good snack food

These things probably should be illegal. I find them both hard to find and hard to resist. if you like salty snacks, get a case of these and hoard them. 🙂
JacksonNew Germany, MN

great snack

I love Combos. This is a great “energy good” for when I’m on the road. Packs easily and is very filling. If you’re looking for a good like this and are tired of energy bars, try some Combos.
BradInez, TX

A Tasty Snack That Leaves You Satisfied…

Combos come in a variety of flavors, cheddar, pizza, Jalapeno, etc. They also can come as a cracker or as a pretzel. The Combos Cheddar Cheese PRETZEL blend is a tasty snack that leaves you satisfied. I am no stranger to combos, my favorite happens to be the Nacho flavor.

When it comes to flavor the Cheddar Cheese Pretzel combos are flavorful, and don’t have an over salted-aftertaste you sometimes find with salty snack foods. They do come off rather plain however, and the pretzel is a little overpowering. Compared to the Cheddar Cheese CRACKER version, the Pretzel combination is the weaker of the two. The cheddar cheese blend also lacks that a slight sharpness and has more of a Cheese-Wiz taste. Nothing terribly wrong with that but it just feels like the weaker of the bunch. The pretzel portion was crispy and fresh, having that pretzel-nugget taste to it. Just the right amount of thickness and saltiness.

OVERALL I’d say the Combos Cheddar Cheese PRETZEL combo is 4 stars. The product makes for a very tasty snack, and will satisfy your cravings for both pretzels and cheese, but falls short of some of their other combinations. I personally feel the Cheddar/Cracker version is the better of the two when it comes to “Cheddar Cheese” flavor(The pretzel portion overpowers the cheddar). Still, if you got a craving for pretzels and cheese this snack will certainly hit the spot.

MichaelaWestboro, MO

Great taste at a great price

I love combos and it seems that using Amazon Subscribe and Save gives about the best price I can find around my area.
ChloeGreig, NY

Combos cheddar pretzel

These are so perfect for lunch bags or constant snackers. Just the right size. These arrived fresh at my door. So much easier than buying a big bag and putting them in little baggies, they never seem to taste as fresh that way.
TamikoPorum, OK

Cheddar Cheese Pretzels Are Good !

I find this snack to be delicious and filling. It has the right amount of salt I am looking for. I bring a bag to work and it lasts two+ weeks to fill the gap between a small breakfast sandwich and lunch. If you like pretzels and cheese this is a no brainer. I found the cheddar cheese/cracker to be blah. Of all the Combo combinations I have tried, this is my absolute favorite. Other flavors like pizza overpowered the snack in my opinion. Stick with this one unless you love the other flavors. In any case, try them all in small portions and I’ll bet you come back to this cc/pretzel combo. It’s good!
PiperTortilla Flat, AZ

Not Bad

These cheese-stuffed pretzels aren’t bad…they are crunchy and salty and filling. But I prefer the zestiness of the Combos Pizzeria Pretzel, 18-Count Single-Serve (Pack of 2) far better.
KarrieHenry, SD

Habit Forming

Go real fast around the house, Have to hide them back till I get my next order.
AprilBee, NE