Community Coffee Private Reserve Ground Chicory, 12 oz., 6 Count

Chicory is a traditional Southern ingredient that can be added to coffee for a bolder, more intense flavor. Add it to your favorite Community coffee blend and discover why chicory coffee is enjoyed in restaurants and homes across the South.

Quick facts

  • Rich and flavorful
  • Sourced and roasted with four generations of family care
  • Taste the difference family makes
  • Community Coffee Company has sold rich, smooth coffee since 1919
  • Ships in Amazon Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

Worst coffee EVER

My husband said this was the worst coffee he had ever had. I am not very picky and even a ton of creamer did not help. We ended up throwing out the whole bag. Very sad waste of money.
FlorindaWebster, PA

Misleading ad

Having “Community Coffee Private Reserve Ground Coffee, Medium-Dark Roast” in the product name/description is very misleading. I never knew what chicory was, I thought maybe 100% chicory was used in flavoring the coffee. Description needs to be much clearer – and not include “Community Coffee Private Reserve Ground Coffee, Medium-Dark Roast” in the name!
DanHuntington, NY

Why it’s important to read these reviews…

Never having tried Community Coffee before, I jumped on the opportunity to purchase some at a discounted price, in addition to S&S. I didn’t get a chance to read the reviews before purchasing, “Community Coffee Private Reserve Ground Coffee, Medium-Dark Roast…” It wasn’t until I tried this product that I realized, 100% chicory simply isn’t COFFEE. The label is misleading as Chicory is a root, and used as a coffee substitute. It’s an unfortunate waste of money and I’ve learned my lesson – read Amazon reviewers before purchasing, because fellow one star reviewers would have given me a heads up on this fake “coffee”.
RandiHoly Trinity, AL


First of all, two bags were opened and the chicory was spilled everywhere.

Second, I don’t know why it says “Ground Coffee” on the label. It’s 100% chicory. Yes I know that is identified but it should not even have the word coffee on the label. I made one pot and threw all six bags away.

MaeHorsepen, VA

CC with Chicory

The coffee is pretty bad. I was expecting more of a Cafe Du Monde experience and instead struggle to drink this coffee. Additionally, one of the bags was open when I received the coffee. I would not recommend coffee to anyone.
AnastaciaElizabethville, PA


Name: Community COFFEE
Packaging: Looks like Coffee
Some people say Chicory is the bane of every coffee lover. Misled by packaging and advertisements, buying chicory is often an honest mistake made by consumers, but a deliberate deception perpetrated by the manufacturers.
I guess I fell for the gimmick.

While I had ZERO experience with Chicory previously, Now I do,
and I don’t like it one bit.
It may be 100% great chicory, but I prefer coffee and TRUTH.
I could not drink more than one sip on three different occasions.
Finally my entire family unanimously agreed this is horrible.
Back to Folgers – Now I Love Folgers, I merely Liked it before…

GoldenDobbs Ferry, NY

Please read all negative comments before ordering

My fault for not reading through all the negative comments. This is not coffee. It is pure chicory that
Is not meant to be brewed alone. At the rate of 3 parts coffee to 1 part this I should not get thru
One bag before the expiration date of dec, 2011!

Terrible taste alone or mixed. Had to boil my k-cup holder go get the bitter taste and odor away

LarisaPrague, NE

Community Coffee Chicory

I received this order damaged, with most of the chicory gone from one of the open bags. The other bags were sealed, but were not full. So I paid for six 12 ounce bags and got about half of the amount that I paid for.

Amazon did not respond to me about this problem, and they did not make restitution nor did they allow me to return the product! Bad Amazon! I am really disappointed! To make matters much worse, I had also ordered the french roast coffee version of this and it never arrived, yet Amazon charged me to ship it to me and to return it to them even though I never received it and I never sent it back!

What is going on at Amazon!!! Why are they stiffing excellent customers??

ElyseCloverdale, VA

Says GROUND COFFEE ….. very misleading

This stuff is disgusting, and very misleading. What a waste I’ll probably have to throw it away if I can’t give it away!
ThersaManhattan Beach, CA

Terrible Coffee

Community Coffee Private Reserve Ground Coffee, Medium-Dark Roast, 100% Chicory, is terrible coffee! I would return it if I could but it is against Amazon’s return policy. It tastes so bad that we will not be able to drink it. We have tried blending it with other coffee to improve the taste, but it doesn’t help much. I wish I would have known before I bought it that it was poor quality.
RoxaneParis, MI

Sludge in your Coffee Pot!

One word… disgusting! It isn’t coffee, despite the product saying that it is! Plus, Amazon won’t stand behind their labeling error and take the junk back!
AdanThurmont, MD

Not what I thought it was…

The product description is deceptive, unfortunately I ordered 6 bags of chicory, not 6 bags of Ground coffee medium-dark roast with chicory. I had wanted to try it, guess I have plenty now!
WoodrowMiddlebury, IN

No “coffee” in it and WAY too sweet!!

Bought this at a great price and Amazon did a fine job of getting it to me. I guess I wasn’t a very informed consumer (my fault) because I was surprised when the ingredients on the bag had a sticker over it that just says “100% Chicory”. So, there is absolutely NO COFFEE in it. I hate to be Mr. Precision here, but it really shouldn’t be called coffee if there is none it. However, I suppose the same argument could be made for Soy “Milk”. Anyhow, it is called Medium Dark Roast, and we were game since we did like the coffee at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans and do like dark, rich coffees. We made our first batch mixing 50% Chicory/ 50% Starbucks Bold Roast (our regular). We both could only make it through about 1.5 cups because, while smooth, it was way, WAY too sweet….like drinking Molasses. Today, we made 1/3 Chicory, 1/3 Bold Decaf Coffe, and 1/3 Bold Regular. Still way too sweet, and I have the chicory aftertaste still in my mouth. Unfortunately, using it at this rate (or less probably), it is going to take forever to get through all these bags.

I won’t be purchasing again and recommend you try a little first.

SukDriftwood, PA

What is it?

Come on AMZN – or someone – straighten out the description of this item. It’s just chickory, but the title says “coffee” twice.
MargueriteCawood, KY

expiration date was soon

I bought this product. I liked the taste of it very much. I received the package on July 23rd and expiration date is sept 30th. I won;t be able finish all the 6 packs by that time since I bought this for home.
Does any one know how to store it for longer time?
JasperElmira, NY

Excellent service

I was looking for this product in the stores and I could not find it anywhere. When I checked I found exactly what I wanted. I placed the order and got it in about a week and I am very pleased with the service.
WyattAcworth, NH

Fine ground chickory

Ya- its okay. The price point is great so ya get what ya pay for – average. My fresh(er) french chicory goes for about $12 a pound. I mix it with my ground coffee. I prefer my coffee perked so this fine ground tends to go through the basket a bit – not a big bother.
JulieannFloris, IA

Not coffee…but what the hey?

The flavor is very rich, but cripes is it potent. You only use about 1/3 the quantity to get the same strength. The flavor is somewhat like chocolate, not bitter at all. Chicory is not coffee, hence no caffeine, which is either good or bad, depending on your preference. Overall, I like the flavor, just be careful when you start to make it. If you put in the same quantities as regular coffee, it will turn out like syrup.
NewtonThomas, OK

Cheapest coffee substitute I’ve found!

This is a good, cheap source for roasted ground chicory. I brew it by itself in a coffee machine as a coffee substitute, due to my caffeine sensitivity.

I used to buy a product called Teeccino, but I’m using this to save money. (Teeccino is much tastier, but it’s so expensive!)

NecoleNorwood, CO

Great taste mixed with coffee

Community Coffee Chicory mixed with blend roasted coffee increases flavor.
Remember we used Chicory when I was a child mixed with JFG coffee. Finally
have the coffee taste I really enjoy. Shipping was fast. Thanks to Amazon
for providing access to a great product.
CarlitaGrandin, ND

100% Chicory. This is NOT coffee or coffee blend.

Beware of the misnomer. The label says “Community Coffee Private Reserve Ground COFFEE, Medium Roast, 100% Chicory”. However, the ingredients list reads: “100% chicory”. So if you end up using this product brewed straight, you’ll end up with a 100% chicory brew, NOT coffee.

If you are used to “Chicory coffee” (e.g., Cafe du Monde, etc.) you might think this is a similar product. It is not. This is 100% chicory, which you can use perfectly to blend with coffee to achieve your personalized cup of “chicory coffee”. Naturally, you can also brew chicory “straight”, just like coffee, but the result is a bitter brew that tastes and smells woodsy like, well, chicory. I use a 1:4 chicory to coffee ratio, but that’s the beauty of this: you can use as much or as little of the chicory to blend to your liking.

The advantages are that you can blend you own chicory to coffee grounds ratio, and also choose what type of coffee you want to use (decaf, organic, generic, premium, etc.) You get the idea.

Folks who do not want to bother with mixing their own blend can buy premixed chicory coffee such as Cafe du Monde and other brands that may be locally available.

Verdict: The chicory is OK. Use it to blend with coffee and you will be fine, unless you fancy straight chicory.

MarionSalt Rock, WV

Blend it yourself is better!

Its great to be able to blend your own chicory coffee. I use the fresh roasted Sumatra at Costco’s with Community Coffee’s chicory. My blend is 8oz of chicory to 16oz of coffee. If you want a stronger chicory favor, use more. Use less for a milder blend. The good thing about blending yourself is the ability to use a good grade of coffee. I believe Cafe du Monde uses a low grade of coffee.

If you don’t need 6 bags of chicory, you can order it directly from Community Coffee. Its $2.99 a bag, plus shipping (at least $6.95) from them. Clearly Amazon is a better value. I will usually end up giving a bag or 2 away to friends or family that express an interest. Storing the rest in the freezer is a good idea.

EdwardCarlisle, IA

Blending your own is the way to go.

If you like chicory in your coffee, this is a much better alternative than buying say, Cafe du Monde or French Market coffee and chicory. Why? Because if you’re like me you think their coffee tastes terrible and would rather be able to blend your chicory with coffee you like at the ratio you like. Flavor and flexibility are a nice combination. The chicory itself is excellent–rich and bitter sweet–and the six twelve ounce bags deal is very affordable. Just store them in the freezer until you need them. I know I will be buying more.
JoleenStar Lake, NY

Blend your own “New Orleans” coffee

Community Coffee’s chicory is great for people like me who love “New Orleans” coffee–coffee blended with chicory. I used to order New Orleans coffee online until I discovered that I could buy the chicory by itself and mix it with various coffees at home. This way I can determine the ratio I want and I don’t have to order so often.
KeturahWilliamsville, VT

Read the title people…this is “100% Chicory.”

First off, I’d just like to state that most of the negative reviews of this product are unwarranted. The title says that this is 100% Chicory, and that’s exactly what you get. There is no coffee in the mix, just “100% Chicory” meant for blending with the coffee of your choice. This is reiterated in the product description. If you feel misled, then you didn’t take the time to read either.

Now, as for the product itself, Community Coffee Private Reserve Medium-Dark Roast, 100% Chicory (that’s a mouthful), it’s good. It’s 100% chicory root, which you blend with whatever coffee you’d like. Each person is going to have their own preferences, so experimentation with your coffee-to-chicory ratio is key. I’ve blended it with a few Community Coffee coffee varieties, as well as several other, cheaper coffees, and I’ve found that a 3-to-1 ratio is best (my wife prefers 4-to-1 or higher, if she’s going to use chicory at all). We use a French press, but a drip coffee-maker will work as well. Don’t use anything for making espresso, such as a moka pot. I don’t know this from personal experience, but apparently the chicory is much more water-soluble than coffee is, and it will really gum-up the smaller holes in those devices.

All-in-all, this is a great product, especially at the Amazon Subscribe and Save price. At 6 bags per order, you’ll probably want to share, as even after giving a couple of bags away, you’re getting much more than if you bought it from Community Coffee directly (while they only charge $3 per bag, shipping kills it at around $7). Blending your own New Orleans-style coffee with chicory is a much more economical and better-tasting way to do it (brands like CDM are overpriced).

LatriciaPauline, SC

This makes SUCH a better cold brew!

I add 2-3 tbls. of this to my grounds when I make cold brewed coffee and the results are WONDERFUL. It adds body and richness to every batch, no matter what beans I am using it always turns out very smooth and dark. I have a Bodum Bean Ice French Press 1-1/2 Litre Iced Coffeemaker, 51-Ounce, Black, it is the easiest way I have tried to make a delicious cold brewed coffee concentrate, the addition of chicory has turned the flavor it up to 11!
SungTylersville, PA

This is a great product, Community Coffee is a good company.

03.01.2011 – Update—
Large thank you to Amazon for their return of Community Chicory
to there product line—
This is second order since availability re-instated. Great product!

The wording for the description of this product can be confusing
but only if you do not read it.

Community may need to reword the description, however–
when the package reads 100% Chicory, this should indicate
the product is — 100% Chicory—no coffee.

The product does show a short period allowed for brewing.
This indicates product is getting to you “on time”
and produced freshly. This herb is harvested and roasted
to get to us fresh.
I keep mine in the freezer and move it to the fridge
when am ready to brew.

I brew this plain and drink it as I like my coffee
cream and Ste-vita. Do not find bitter when consumed this way.

Because of misunderstandings here,
Amazon has pulled the product
and I must go to Community to get my supply.

Caffeine elevates my blood sugar thus chicory
is my coffee substitute. Have been drinking coffee/chicory
blend for seven decades and just chicory for about 2 years.

SaturninaEola, TX

A real taste pleaser

There is chicory and then there is Community Coffee Chicory. I started using chicory with another company’s mixed coffee and chicory product available in the Seattle area and learned to love the special flavor it gives to enhance my coffee. When a friend went to visit her family who had just moved to Mississippi, she was nice enough to return with various bags of chicory so we could taste test all the ones the local grocery store had. The winner was Community Coffee’s chicory. I have tried their coffee/chicory mix, and it’s good too, but I like flavored ground coffee and playing with really dark roasts and medium roasts that are available up here, so buying just chicory works the best for me. I’ve been buying Community Coffee for about 8-10 years and was pleasantly surprised to see it sold on Amazon.

If you haven’t tried chicory, take the chance and brew some up! It’s full of anti-oxidants, and has been known to help lower blood sugar with type 2 diabetes and help the liver work better. Even tea drinkers can like chicory. I also like that I don’t need to put as much in the brew filter; it simply doesn’t take as many grounds to brew. If you’ve had chicory and found it to be bitter or have heard the ‘bitter coffee’ stories about it, keep that in mind. If I am only brewing it without the coffee, I only put in 2 1/2 or 3 scoops instead of 4.

Community Coffe Chicory and A prefect combination! Try it today!

(This is not paid for by Community Coffee or Amazon. I really like them both!)

AmparoSanford, FL

great to blend in coffee or as a coffee substitute!

This product is 100% pure ground chickory. It is great to mix with your own coffee to make a “New Orleans” style coffee or as a coffee substitute. Another great thing is this product does not have caffine, so it would be something to try for those who want decaf and are tired of their standard blend. It can also be used to add color to soup, meats, gravies, and dark breads! LOVE IT!
ChayaTruman, MN

WOW…and backwards…WOW: makes a great cup ‘o joe

Being from New Orleans, I love coffee with chicory. As many know, using chicory is very common, perhaps due to the famous beignet shop, Cafe du Monde. That coffee (with chicory) is awesome, and they do sell that premade blend here on Amazon.

However, as other users have commented, the Cafe du Monde coffee doesn’t use the best coffee beans…it’s just a cheapo coffee bean that they happen to mix with chicory…which makes it unique.

With this product, you can use whatever coffee bean you want, and then you mix in the chicory at whatever ratio suits you. So you can use a cheapo coffee bean (folgers, maxwell house, etc.), or you can go with a better quality bean; the choice is yours since you are mixing these on your own. For me, after the praising review, by consumer reports, of Eight O’Clock 100% columbian coffee, that’s what I drink, and it’s a GREAT coffee. However, mixing in this chicory takes it to a whole new level!

Finding the right ratio took some tweaking, but 2 to 1 (coffee to chicory) seems to work. I use a french press and grind my coffee immediately before brewing. For one cup, I use two spoons of freshly ground coffee and 1 spoon of chicory. This makes a STRONG, but rich and smooth coffee. As someone else mentioned, almost a chocolatey flavor. It’s just awesome.

Finally, a comment on the negative reviews:
Unfortunately, the negative reviews were from people who didn’t know they were purchasing 100% chicory and expected a coffee product instead. Um, guys, gals, the listing clearly says “100% Chicory”; the fact that someone doesn’t comprehend very clear words shouldn’t result in a product getting a negative review. Just my 1.5 cents.

TrangFayetteville, PA