Community Coffee Whole Bean Coffee, Columbia Classico Blend, 12-Ounce Bags

This blend combines the winey characteristics of Colombian coffee with sweet, floral flavor of Central American High Grown coffee to provide a unique, complex coffee that surpasses the expectations of the most discerning Colombian Coffee Drinker.

Quick facts

  • Made with 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Roasted and packaged in Louisiana
  • Easy Open, Re-Sealable Bag
  • Community Coffee Company has sold the finest, fresh-roasted premium coffee in Louisiana since 1919
  • Now, you can taste the genuine flavor of New Orleans from anywhere in the world

Top reviews

Beans are dry

I opened one bag so far and the beans are dry. The coffee doesn’t taste that great either. It’s not sour. It’s just very bland tasting. Expiration date is 7/11. I bought this when it was $6. You get what you pay for I guess.
RefugioMc Clure, IL


I bought a 3 bag pack, all 3 bags were sour tasting. I checked online and tried different brewing methods, and it all came out sour, last time i’m ever touching anything from this company.
LucyMount Sherman, KY

It is Just OK

Doesn’t taste that great. Preferred dunkin donuts original blend compared to this. i’m talking about whole bean colombian community coffee.
MagaliMurray, NE

Great cup of coffee

Never heard of this before ordering it. It has since become a favorite for my wife and I. Great flavor.
ReneForest Hill, WV

Very Acidic coffee gave me indigestion

I tried the community coffee beans and found them very acidic and was so bad that it gave me indigestion and I almost NEVER get indigestion! Layed off the coffee for awhile maybe 2 weeks and tried again and bam, indigestion again, did this one more time used another brand for a couple of weeks and then tried this coffee again and indigestion returned. The taste was just ok in my book as well. I will not order this brand again because of the indigestion issue.
AubreyLaguna, NM

good coffee

Being a native of New Orleans, I’ve always loved coffee. I continue to search for quality coffee at fair prices. I generally like dark roast, but was pleasantly suprised by this Columbian medium roast. Try it, you won’t be disappointed, (especially at the sale price).
EuraIndianola, PA

Great “every day” coffee

These beans make a good, normal cup of coffee. The bags were well-sealed, and the expiration date had five months to go. I don’t know if that’s normal for coffee beans, but these won’t last a month at my house anyway!
HilariaCicero, IL

Fine coffee, great price (during promo)

The coffee tastes fine. I would give it a 3-star for taste. Amazon has promotions on this coffee from time to time. I would give it a 4 starts if the promo pricing is considered. It does taste on the acidic side as another reviewer noted. But not as bad as described (a personal opinion of course). It is “dry” as another reviewer noted. But as far as I known, Colombian coffee is not supposed to be very oily. It is on the light side. Overall, I am satisfied but not super impressed.
JamesMorrison, TN

very good coffee

This coffee was surprisingly good…I’ve had mixed results with bag coffee that I’ve ordered, but this was great and a great price from Amazon.
StephenieGilby, ND

Great Coffee

Any and all of your coffees are far better than Starbucks or any of the other. As a child, all I knew was that we used only Community Coffee and often had to stock up on it when we went to NOLA to visit friends. It puts the others to shame.
VinnieAlamo, IN

Like Eight O Clock coffee

Very similar in taste to Eight O Clock coffee and an excellent price. Purchased mine at a local outlet store that sells a lot of Amazon overstock products and stumbled across this brand. Would buy again directly from Amazon if I can’t find locally.
AnyaPotwin, KS

best price with high quality

I ordered before for 12.16, and almost finished. Last weekend, I was suprised to see a promotion shown on product page and get total down to 8.16. I have to pay the same price for just one bag at my local WalMart. The taste is not as good as “Orleans’ Coffee Exchange”. However, for this price, it is the BEST quality you can buy anywhere. Cheer!
ArchieClute, TX

Excellent coffee,especially for the price

I’m only giving this 4 stars because I’ve had Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica,and I’m using that as the 5 star point.
This coffee has a good aroma,is nice and oily and had an expiration date of about 6 months after I bought it.

I’ve since bought the whole bean French Roast( and the dark roast, but it hasn’t arrived yet) and found it to be of the same good quality.

JeanaHerrick, IL

you get what you pay for

I have to say that that I was not expecting much from this. It was decently well when I first opened it, but it seemed to have gone pretty bad after a week. If you buy this, I would recommend you to drink it fast. Its a faction of starbucks’ coffee, but its also the fraction of the quality.
CarollLake Ann, MI

Ok coffee for a decent price

I bought this coffee because it was on sale for an AMAZING price, but found it to be rather bland and disapointing. Was really glad that I didn’t shell out much for it.
AshliEntiat, WA

A good smooth blend. More nutty than winey.

Bought this for $5 a bag off Amazon. It reminds me a lot of Eight O’Clock Columbian. Not as winey but a nice nutty taste. As it cools, what wine essence it has, is revealed. Great Joe for the price.

Update 12-07-2010:
Liked it so much I just bought 3 more bags. If you like Columbian Coffee this is hard to beat.

LatishaSidney, NE

This medium roast has a wonderful, robust quality.

This coffee was an excellent buy. I am usually a fan of dark roasts, but this medium roast is full bodied with a robust flavor.
DelphaHorton, MO


We love Community Coffee – and the value the subscription supplies! The Colombia Classico Blend is perfect for us, we like a medium-dark roast. With this coffee there is no bitterness. Very smooth and wonderful to drink!
ArronNisswa, MN

Sooo good!

Columbia Classico Blend is the way to go. I am always on the search for the best cup of everyday Joe and this blend from Community Coffee hits the spot. Not overly dark like bigbucks brand but not weak either. Reasonably priced plus shipping was superquick. I may need to guard my mailbox if this delicious coffee secret is ever found out by my neighbors.
EmeldaGraysville, AL

Good coffee, great price with subscription

Love, love, love Amazon’s subscription service. This is one item on my list. It’s not great, not spectacular, but I’m far from a coffee snob. Obviously better than Folger’s or other supermarket coffee, arrives at my door free of shipping because of the subscription, and is very reasonably priced. Make a pot every morning and it really is good to the last drop. Not great, but good, and certainly good enough for an everyday coffee.



Well, they upped the price considerably on this coffee (like $11 when I started, now $18-something), so I’m going back to Eight O’Clock. It was okay while it lasted, but I’m certainly not going to pay more for what I consider to be an inferior coffee — even if I’m not a coffee snob and the merely okay Eight O’Clock is considered a step up on the ladder for me.

NichelleNewtonville, NJ

Flavorful coffee at a great price

In short, this is my favorite whole-bean coffee. It has a complex flavor that really comes out when ground and brewed properly. It is not too bitter, nor too weak – a great medium roast. I will definitely be purchasing more when my supply runs out.
SeymourShepherd, TX

new favourite

there have already been 3 people coming to my place (individually) and praised the taste of the coffee. it’s such a hidden gem.
NicolaBreeden, WV

Best coffee ever

Been buying this coffee for awhile. Great taste and I’m spoiled on it. Nothing tastes as good as this now.
PamilaWinfield, TX

Expired coffee…do not buy!!!

I purchased this product from WeSaveYou$ Storefront via Amazon on 7 Jun 2012 and when I received my order on 13 Jun 2012, the brew by date on each bag of coffee reads 1 May 2012. Aside from that, I love this coffee and always buy from Amazon. Avoid this seller!
DorrisTopmost, KY

community classico colombia coffee

This is a great tasting coffee!WE are coffee drinkers and was buying from costcos -Jose’s colombian-for years-This communnity brand is smoother and doesn’t get bitter-buy it and try it-you won’t be sorry-char
LonnieMowrystown, OH

border hills

If you like columbian coffee you’ll like the community coffee. smooth not bitter with the columbian flavor I look for. The price was less than $.50/ oz. which works for me.
RickieMillerton, OK

Great coffee for a reasonable price.

My husband is rather fussy about his coffee. He like a good strong coffee with good flavor. He loves this one. I love that the price is reasonable. I like drinking it, too.
LorenaNorth Fork, ID

Cheap, pretty good coffee

I’m not too picky about what coffee I drink, so the cheaper the better! I’d suggest watching for coupon codes / deals on this product.
FreedaSomerville, IN

Cheap AND great tasting beans

Not a fancy review, but just wanted to say that this coffee is excellent. It’s the perfect flavor for me. Strong, but not bitter. I like that the beans aren’t greasy, as the darker roasted beans are. Wonderful aroma and taste, plus you can’t beat the price here on Amazon. Good beans at grocery stores are so expensive right now, so it’s such a blessing finding a super good deal on coffee beans.
JacalynCitronelle, AL

Great taste but…

This is an excellent Colombian coffee–a bit stronger than Eight O’clock, but still smooth. The only thing I don’t like is the variation in price…when the price goes up 30% in less than two months while others remain the same, I’m not buying. Hoping it will come back down.
ColeBroadlands, IL