Community Ground Coffee, Columbia Classico Blend, Medium-Dark Roast, 12-Ounce Bags

This blend combines the winey characteristics of Colombian coffee with sweet, floral flavor of Central American High Grown coffee to provide a unique, complex coffee that surpasses the expectations of the most discerning Colombian Coffee Drinker.

Quick facts

  • Made with 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Roasted and packaged in Louisiana
  • Easy Open, Re-Sealable Bag
  • Community Coffee Company has sold the finest, fresh-roasted premium coffee in Louisiana since 1919
  • Now, you can taste the genuine flavor of New Orleans from anywhere in the world

Top reviews

Good coffee, but not special

I don’t know if the name “Community Coffee” is intended to convey a coffee for the masses, but that’s kinda how I would rate it. It smells good when you open the package, you use a normal amount to brew, it has a good flavor & aroma. No disappointments, but nothing special. I have a hard time distinguishing this from other typical brands of columbian coffee . . . no worse, no better.
ChristenaBismarck, MO

I love this brand of coffee

I really love this brand of coffee, I am a coffee nut and enjoy drinking this, it is nice and smooth and great tasting you can not go wrong with this choice.
TaishaNew Martinsville, WV

Standard quality Columbia coffee

Community Coffee Colombia Classico is a standard quality, everyday-type Columbia coffee. It is comparable to Eight O’clock Columbia coffee. It has a good aroma when you first open the bag & one tablespoon per cup results in a decent strength coffee in a typical drip coffeemaker. It’s not a premium coffee, but becomes a good value at a discount price.
MelissaLytle Creek, CA

Horrible Stuff!

Weak, dry, tasteless coffee. Doesn’t taste even remotely like it was made with Columbian Arabica beans. The grind was also of very poor quality.

How bad was it? This stuff makes Folger’s seem like premium, high grade stuff. I have no earthly idea how people give this Community Colombian Classico such a high rating. Perhaps I just got a bad batch of very old stuff from Amazon but I’ll not be giving this coffee a second chance! Probably one of the weakest and most tasteless coffee beans I’ve ever bought.

DotAlcalde, NM

community coffee

Some of the best coffee out there, as good if not better than Seattle’s Best and Starbuck. Good deal price wise if you order it on subscription which I do.
smooth, rich coffee, I prefer the Breakfast Blend better than this colombia blend and that is what I changed to!
GiovanniShutesbury, MA

Real tasty wonderful favor

For colombian ground coffee lovers , this is a brand you will really love and you wont be sorry at all for purchasing it
MonroeBoxholm, IA

Love this coffee!

Community coffee is the best brand of coffee made. Being from Louisiana and driving passed the Community coffee processing plant and smelling the coffee being roasted is an experience one never forgets. I have drank this brand all of my adult life and there is none to compare with it. I have drank all of the varieties of this brand and dark roast was my favorite until—-i tried the Columbia Classico Blend and now at 62 i have a new favorite. It has a sweeter taste than the other varieties, not quiet as strong as the dark roast, but strong enough to be “real” coffee. I love it and so glad i tried it. Thanks Amazon for carring it and especially having it on a subscribe and save plan.
MichelBrockway, MT

Poor Taste

I bought since it seemed like a great deal but when i made a batch it was awful. It had a weak taste and the aroma was as if it was old coffee. Completely disappointing i love trying all coffees and expected more from this. Will never buy again. I thought i would never have to say this but Dunkin Doughnuts is way superior so try that first. Seattle Best is a great coffee as well.
ElishaPowhatan Point, OH

much better than store brand

i think that’s the best ground coffee in a bag can do. much better than the store brands like Maxwell House or Folgers or Wegmans, etc. when it’s on sale they are actually about the same price. would definitely try this brand again!

This flavor is on the strong and bold side, which I like.

VickieTioga, ND

Good price for Community Coffee

Good price for Community Coffee pack of 3. Received quickly. Product packages were sealed but not firm bricks like I expected. I will say that the flavor was not compromised by that. Will probably order these again.
LorindaRockport, WV


This is very good coffee. I will definitely purchase it again. It is robust and flavorful without any trace of bitterness. Love it!
GuadalupeGenoa, IL