Cookies & Corks Sparkling Wine Pairing, 7.87-Ounce Boxes

Cookies & Corks are sweet and savory cookies crafted for pairing with wine. Our unique recipe ingredients including sea salt, sage, lemon, rosemary, espresso, etc. make our cookies the perfect complement for wine. Each box includes a wine pairing guide on the side so even the most novice wine drinker, or gift-giver will have an easy time picking the perfect bottle of wine to drink – or give – with the cookies. Fifteen cookies are included in the sparkling wine pairing box – five of each: zesty lemon, parmesan thyme and sea salt chocolate oatmeal.

Quick facts

  • Fifteen cookies are included in the Sparkling Wine Pairing Box – five of each: Zesty Lemon, Parmesan Thyme and Sea Salt Chocolate Oatmeal.
  • Wine pairing suggestions are included on the side of the box. Picking the perfect wine is made simple
  • Cookies are made without artificial preservatives or flavors
  • Each box is approximately 5 inches tall, 4 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches deep
  • Have fun with this new wine pairing experience. Sip your wine, bite our cookie, sip your wine and enjoy

Top reviews

I’ve tried almost every flavor!

I am glad to see these on amazon. I’ve given these as gifts with a bottle of wine, tried them at parties,; love them. So often you open a box of gourmet cookies and think, I could have made them better myself–not so with these: the flavors have been tweaked to match the wines and the taste is out of this world!
BryceFountain, CO

YUM! Clever lil cookies!

I ordered these cookies to serve specifically at a book and wine club meeting, they were a HUGE hit! The flavors are creative and were alot of fun to pair with diffrent wines! I will definelty re-order!
CucNovelty, MO

AWESOME new concept!

Loved the idea of pairing cookies with wine as soon as I saw this new concept and line of products from Cookies and Corks. I am not a sweets fan at all, but the Sea Salt Chocolate Oatmeal cookies are the best cookie I have ever eaten! The crispy cookie with just a hint of sea salt is amazing. Pair them with a little bubbly and you have a party! The Zesty Lemon is my husbands favorite, and the Parmesan Thyme are perfectly savory. Lucky for me that they don’t sell them in bulk or I’d weigh 400lbs! A great new product…try some! And too bad Oprah’s going off the air this year, I can see her choosing this as one of her Favorite Things!
GalinaSkelton, WV


The Zesty Lemon and Sea Salt Chocolate Oatmeal are my favorite! They are great with LOTS of different wines…sparkling or not. Parmesan Thyme was a terrific addition to my cheese and wine platter…equally delicious with wine!
MonteFort Wainwright, AK