Cool Colada Trident White Sugarless Gum, , 12-12 Piece Packs

Ever think about what all those lattes are doing to the color of your teeth? Wake up the white and prevent stains with Trident White. All with no bleach. No dye. And no peroxide. – Patented surfactant technology breaks down stains – Helps prevent stains –

Quick facts

  • Ships same or next business day!
  • Fresh from the manufacturer!
  • 12 – 12 piece packs!

Top reviews

Like dessert!

This is the best tasting gum I’ve ever had – sweet and long lasting with a very ‘natural’ flavor. Like a Pina Colada without the calories or alcohol. Can no longer find it at my local stores, so I’m glad it’s online.
GonzaloStow, OH

love this gum

my local stores stopped carrying this gum, so i was very pleased to find it on amazon. i love this gum! i am one of those people who focus so much better when chewing on something (oral fixation, i suppose) so gum is a MUST at work. i’ve become something of a sugarless gum connoisseur over the years and found that i really like this flavor by trident. it lasts a decent amount of time (about 20-30 minutes a piece. yeah i know, i actually timed it) and has a great flavor. texture doesn’t get all soggy and gooey (a problem i found with brands such as orbit…) either. a winner in my book! i hope they don’t discontinue this flavor!
PiperOxford, WI

Good Stuff

Great tasting. Not sure why it is not in local stores but find a way to get free shipping and enjoy.
LatoriaLongwood, NC

Trident Cool Colada Gum

It was stale, obviously very old gum. Couldn’t not chew it. Waste of money. Will not purchase again in the future.
OlivaHerington, KS

Trident/Cadbury Cool Colada gum

I had no idea more than one company made the Trident White Cool Colada. I have ordered this item several times and had not experienced any problems until this time. It tasted stale. When I looked at the back of the gum, it’s made by Cadbury and my old ones were by Kraft. Somehow I always thought Trident made Trident. Next time, I will make sure that Kraft is the one I purchase.
BobWaterview, KY

Tastes great

Gum tastes great and the flavor lasts a good amount of time. Not a huge fan of the packaging. I prefer gum that has individually wrapped pieces of gum so you can hand them to a friend without putting your fingers all over the piece of gum or put a piece or two in your pocket for later.
KasiArmonk, NY

Love This Gum!

This is my favorite gum and none of the stores around my home town carry it. They did when it first came out, but not anymore. I love that I can order it from Amazon!
LoydPanama, OK


I cannot find this gum for purchase in my city, so I purchase it online. I love the flavor even though it doesn’t last very long.
KimberlyRedlake, MN

Pina colada

I am so happy i found this gum! i love the way it taste and i use to chew on it everyday not realizing that it was whitening my teeth at the same time.
CoraFair Haven, VT

Trident Cool Colada Gum

The gum was received in a timely manner as promised. Packaging was very secure and protected from bouncing around in the box.
KennithQuitman, MO

Great Flavor

I love the flavor of this gum. I wish the lasted a little longer, but it is no worse than any other gum. It stays together very well unlike some other some other sugarless gum that I have tried.
PerryKirby, OH


I love this gum. One of my favorite flavors. It’s too bad they dont’ sell it in the stores anymore.
KelliSaint Marys, AK

Best gum ever

The flavor really lasts a long time, but isn’t too fruity. And the best part is— there is NO mint flavor!
SharriEast Poland, ME

My Favorite Gum

I’ve always liked this gum and always bought it from Target until they stopped carrying it. I was very happy to find it on Amazon and I think that the price is fair.
GenovevaPanola, AL

One of the BEST Gums

Tastes GREAT, lasts pretty long, and definitely whitens, especially after using SNUS. This price is awesome too.
WinifredMedicine Bow, WY

Hard to find gum

I really like this gum but it is hard to find in stores. It was great to find it at Amazon. Now I have 12 packs which should last me a while.
DejaEldred, PA

Wow, that was fast!

Recieved our order earlier than it was promised. I was very happy because I wanted it
to give as a gift and didn’t think I would have it in time. Everyone who tries this gum loves it!
YanHayden, AL