Coopers DIY Lager Brew Can

The Coopers DIY Lager Concentrate is straw color with golden hues and a lacy white head. Light floral aromas follow through on a light to medium bodied palate with subtle malt and hop flavors and a clean finish.

Quick facts

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  • Makes 6 Gallons of great tasting beer
  • Is designed to work with your Coopers DIY Beer Kit
  • Easy to follow 14 day brewing process, just add water
  • Additional items are required to make beer: Coopers Brew Enhancer 1
  • Includes 1 Can of Coopers Lager HME, and 1 Packet of Coopers Dry Ale Yeast

Top reviews

Easy to brew. Husband loves it.

I got my husband a brew kit from Coopers for his birthday. The Lager is the only beer he’s tried to brew, but he says it’s very easy and it tastes good. It tastes best if you only let it ferment in the bottles for a week. We’re definitely going to try other flavors.
RendaUrbana, IN

cooper’s OS lager as base

I love using the Cooper’s OS lager can as a base for making various pale ales. Since it has bittering only,I can add different hops & DME’s to it to make light to dark amber ales. It’s easy to get consistent results with. Especially when re-hydrating the yeast in 1.5C luke warm water to which 2tsp of dextrose has been added.
It’s a good product for experimenting for the beginner & experienced home brewer alike.
BethanieMuldrow, OK

very good

I was very happy with the way this turned out. It is very similar to traditional American beers(Bud/Coors) but with an extra kick. The flavor is very smooth, has a creamy head and ends with a slight bitternes. This is a great beer to start with for new brewers and veterans alike. If you are to anxious to wait for it to age, you can drink it after 2 weeks. It will taste good, but get better with age. Make sure to put it in the fridge after it carbonates. Lager ages and taste best when in colder conditions.
AudraWayne, NY

Great Brew — Will Try Again

I brewed this kit first as it was the one that came with the brewery kit. I followed the instructions exactly. NOTE: If you don’t follow the instructions exactly you are opening up opportunity for problems. I brewed for about 7 days. I then bottled and let condition for 2 weeks at room temperature. I then put the beer in the fridge. I tried two bottles the next day. The taste was OK, but it was very flat. I then put more bottles in the fridge and let them sit for 2 weeks. I tried one of these after the two weeks and it was great. The carbonation was perfect and the taste improved even more. Definitely give the beer time to condition. You will be glad you did.
SheraUniversity Center, MI

Nice starter kit

makes a nice lager that’s quite a bit heavier than the domestic lager beers. I don’t plan on making any more, but has more to do with my love of dark ales than the quality/flavor of this kit.
PiedadMount Summit, IN

Just good beer!

I have been brewing this beer off and on for the past five years along with many others. When it comes time to pour a glass it has never let me down. Even without using lagering methods it always develops into a a tasty drink.
RosieHillsdale, KS

Good brew but…

This is a good brew for the time and expense involved. That being said, the longer you ferment and bottle condition, the better it will be. I thought I had drank all of my batch when I discovered two additional bottles tucked away. They were the best and they had sat for a good three months. Give it time. If you follow the included directions you will get closer to six gallons vs the five in the Amazon description. Additionally, the included directions state to use sugar. Obviously DME/LME will work better, but you can still use plain old old sugar(I’ve used brown sugar and avoided any “cider” like finish). If you order the “full kit” it comes with carbonation drops and a dextrose adjunct. Save yourself the money, get this kit, use sugar and bottle condition forever…
SoonLuray, TN