Core Power High Protein Milk Shake, Chocolate Light, 20g of protein, 11.5-ounce bottles

Introducing Core Power Core Power is a delicious, natural, high-protein shake that’s perfect for your active lifestyle. Made from fresh, low fat, lactose-free milk and real honey, our Core Power shakes are loaded with the protein and nutrients you need to get ready for your day, complete your workout, or fuel your busy afternoon. Offering an optimum protein to carb ratio, Core Power protein shakes help you recover faster, build lean muscle, and stay at the top of your game. No matter which game you happen to play. View larger Chocolate 20g Counting calories, but still paying attention to how much protein you take in? Meet reduced-calorie Core Power Light Chocolate High Protein Shake (20g). Rich in antioxidants, cocoa derived from dark chocolate promotes alertness, lessens pain, and promotes well-being. This skinnier version offers only 150 calories but still packs 20 grams of naturally concentrated whey and casein proteins. High Protein Why protein? Protein is critical for everybody, but even more so for active individuals who are searching for the right post-workout recovery drink or mid-afternoon snack. The protein drink market is rife with foul-tasting, powdery concoctions that make replenishing your body after a workout a workout in itself. Simple Ingredients We at Core Power pride ourselves in using only natural flavors that make our Core Power high protein shakes delicious. When people ask us what the difference is between Core Power and the competition, we just like to turn the bottles around and let them see for themselves. Core Power protein shakes are made from fresh milk and real honey, offering a unique nutritional profile that uses the best proteins to deliver calories that your body can actually use — and it tastes great! Great Tasting Core Power protein shakes provide 26 grams of high quality fresh milk proteins, consisting of 21 grams of casein proteins and 5 grams of whey proteins. The light versions still pack a heck of a punch, serving up 20 grams of the same high-quality fresh milk proteins. Core Power High Protein Shakes use fresh low fat, lactose-free milk, and real honey. While other products on the market are water-based and add powders and supplements to reach their nutritional profiles, Core Power’s base is real, fresh cold-filtered milk, which allows us to keep our ingredient lists clean and simple. View larger Available in 5 Flavors Core Power is available in 5 delicious flavors: Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla, Strawberry Banana Light, and Chocolate Light Consumption of Carbs with Protein after a Workout Optimizes Muscle Recovery and Growth Milk’s unique ratio of whey and casein proteins builds lean muscle while its vitamins and minerals keep the body healthy. Honey provides the energy to rebuild muscle and glycogen stores to boost athletic performance and endurance while reducing muscle fatigue. One serving of Core Power High Protein Shake (26g) provides: 26 grams of high quality fresh milk proteins, consisting of 21 grams of casein proteins and 5 grams of whey proteins. One serving of Core Power Light High Protein Shake (20g) provides: 20 grams of the same high quality fresh milk proteins.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 12, 11.5 oz. bottles
  • Made from real lactose-free milk
  • Awesome taste, no chalky powders
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free

Top reviews

BEWARE – This is NOT the same as the old Honey Milk Light. Has sugar alcohol in it!

Very, very disappointed with this. I was a huge, huge fan of the original Honey Milk Light Chocolate and waited very anxiously while the brand conversion was made from Honey Milk to Core Power. I did NOT expect the product to change, and from their message boards it didn’t sound like it was.

Well, guess what? It did. Amazon finally had cases of the Core Power Chocolate Light available and I excitedly ordered one even though the price had gone up $10. This morning, I took one sip of the new chocolate drink and instantly knew something was wrong. It tasted disgusting – like diet milk – and had a strong aftertaste like I had just drunk a Diet Coke. Sure enough, when I compared the ingredient list to a Coffee Honey Milk Light that I still had, they had changed the formula to use a sugar alcohol as a sweetener!! Yuck!

It looks like the “regular” version of Core Power stayed true to the original honey milk formula, but I don’t really want the calorie/sugar trade off to get 6 extra grams of protein. The original light version of Honey Milk was perfect. Thanks for screwing it up. You should at least tell people that the formula changed before the blow $40 on this lame product. I want my money back!

BTW, the picture of the nutritional label that is currently posted on the product page (as of 6/14/2012) is not accurate and does not match what is on the bottle. The ingredient list does not show that it contains erythritol (the sugar alcohol).

StevenWest Park, NY


I LOVED Honey Milk Light. They didn’t have the Core Power 20mg protein available for a while, so I ordered the 26mg Core Power while they were in tranistion–anxiously awaiting the Core Power 20mg (supposed to be ‘same as’ Honey Milk). I read the BEWARE review regarding the Core Power 20mg, but thought I would try it anyway. MISTAKE. I can actually TASTE the sugar alcohol. Not good. Tastes terrible and not good for your body. They really did totally screw up the formula when they changed from Honey Milk to Core Power. If I could give the rating a ZERO, I would too.
IleenCooke City, MT

Love Core Power Chocolate Light: Delicious and Convenient!

I purchased a case of the Core Power Chocolate Light for my daughter to drink after her high school Cross Country practices. Her coach made a `big deal’ out of the importance of “nutritional recovery” at the parent meeting, and I liked the fact that Core Power is all-natural and a good source of protein.

My daughter loves the taste of the Core Power Chocolate Light, and because the product is shelf stable, she can grab a bottle on the way to school in the morning and have it ready for the 30 minute recovery window after practice or a meet.

I also ordered a case of Core Power Strawberry-Banana Light for my older daughter, and had it shipped directly to her at college. She works out in the morning and Core Power serves not only as a recovery drink, but breakfast, as well!

Great product, thanks!

JonaAshford, AL

Core Power: HoneyMilk reincarnated

Core Power is the rebranded product that was once known as HoneyMilk. I was really excited to be able to order this product easily through Amazon (HoneyMilk was only available through their original website and some stores, but none in my state). I’m rating this product a 3 because I’m comparing it to the old version that I was really happy with.

2 quick notes about the rebranded product:
1. Sometimes I feel a little silly drinking something called “Core Power” in front of non-athletes and HoneyMilk never had that weird serious-athlete-connotation.
2. This product definitely tastes different, and I prefer the original version. That being said, I will probably still purchase it and drink after long runs and races, I will just not consume it as often as I used to (several times a week).

ErikWayne, NJ

Awesomely delicious and nutritious!

This product is a wonderful recovery drink after my workout. I have also used it as a quick meal-replacement when time is short. As weight control is important to me, I like the light varieties. I highly recommend ALL Core Power products!
ColleenFosston, MN

great taste

these shakes are excellent. Made the mistake of buying ‘some other brand’ in the grocery, mistake. Core Power have a wonderful taste -not chalky, and not too sweet, just great taste all with more protein.
CarlaRedfield, SD

Great Product for whole family

Core Power is an amazing recovery drink, I would recommend it to anyone and I do! My boys have been drinking it for 2 years now to recover from Football and Basketball, my daughter from Volleyball and as a busy mom I drink it as a meal replacement or snack.
I like all flavors but am partial to chocolate. I have a lot of friends that run and bike that swear by it too. When the doctors and trainers in my community recommend it to their patients that tells you something!
TrinhCornettsville, KY