Corner Coffeehouse Sweet Vanilla Latte T DISC, 16-Count

Corner Coffeehouse Sweet Vanilla Latte T DISC, 16-Count (8 Servings) for the TASSIMO Single Cup Brewer. T DISCs are exclusively made for TASSIMO brewers. At the touch of a button, TASSIMO’s INTELLIBREW™ technology reads the barcode on each T DISC to measure the right amount of water, brew time and temperature for a perfect café-style beverage every time.

Quick facts

  • T-Disc Coffee Pod
  • Each package includes 8 Corner Coffeehouse Sweet Latte, Vanilla T DISC + 8 milk creamer T DISC, makes 8 servings
  • We blended the smooth flavor of vanilla and sweet steamed milk to make a vanilla latté that is anything but.
  • Each serving makes 7 fl oz

Top reviews

Very artificial tasting

I agree with the other reviewer about these tasting nothing like a real latte. The Maxwell House ones are much much better. The problem is that the vanilla flavor that they used to flavor the espresso is extremely strong and powerful but it has such an artificial taste to it. Brewing it did give my house a wonderful vanilla fragrance and it didn’t taste completely horrible which is why I am giving it some stars…I will drink the rest of the package however…I would never buy this again. The plain lattes with a little bit of vanilla syrup are exponentially better. I do have to say that the creamer that comes with this though is the best creamer I have had from the tassimo line. That said…I won’t pay this price just for a slightly sweeter creamer disc.
CeliaHalstad, MN

Fake flavor

I was excited to try this because I love vanilla lattes. It is the drink I order most often, and make at home on a regular basis. This tastes so fake, similar to the instant vanilla coffee drinks. It does not taste like a vanilla latte that you can get at a coffeehouse.
LupeMohawk, WV