Cornnuts Ranch Flavored, 1.7-Ounce Packages

The ultimate crunch! 0 g Trans fat.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two boxes, each box containing 18 1.7-ounce bags (total of 61.2 ounces / 36 bags)
  • Toasty, crunchy snack of cornnuts with ranch-dressing and cheddar flavor
  • No trans fat; no cholesterol
  • Cornnuts contain vegetable protein and iron
  • Child-size bags perfect for lunch boxes

Top reviews

Ranch flavor is the best

I love corn nuts. I love the crunchy hard shell and by far the best flavor is the ranch. It is not an overpowering ranch flavor (you can still taste the corn) but it is just enough to make it tastier than the originals.
MuoiBeavercreek, OR