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Cornsilk is the beard that can be seen on nearly any variety of corn. Corn is known by the botanical name Zea mays but cornsilk is know by the botanical name Stigmata maydis or “mothers hair”.Indian corn was discovered in the new world by Christopher Columbus, where it was cultivated by the incas (and many other native cultures). He took it back to Spain where it was frequently known as ” turkey corn” Today corn is a staple crop in many cultures, but few recognize its herbal benefits.This product is Certified Organic:These herbs are cultivated by producers with a certified adult trail which validates the absence of chemicals from cultivation to packaging. Third party certification is always on file.

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cornsik tea

Unfortunately this is the only brand of corn silk tea still in production. I used to purchase another brand that tasted far better then this one. However, I need to drink the tea for my kidneys so I will continue to purchase.
StepanieGlennville, GA