Cornucopia Fruit Wine Making Kit, White Pear Chardonnay, 17.5-Pound Box

Making great wines is as easy as 1.2.3. from the grape juice to the finished wine and in just a few steps you can obtain 30 bottles (750ml) of wine from each kit. All ingredients are 100% food grade and GMO free. All our fruit wine kit aromas are completely natural, no artificial flavors added. Juices and concentrates are made only from wine grapes. Paklab Products is one of the most technologically advanced facilities and scheduled among the leaders of the winemaking industry. All finished wines obtained from our kits have the lowest level of sulphites than any other wine made from kits. All grape juice concentrates are sterilized and asceptically packaged.

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This is a good wine but I made some modifications

This wine actually turned out really well. I made some modifications to the kit however. If you figure out the potential alcohol content, this kit would probably get around 7%, but by adding additional sugar at the primary fermentation, I ended up with 13%. I also didn’t use the whole f-pack. It would have been WAY to sweet. Instead, I topped the carboy off with an unoaked Chardonnay that I like.
MarlynCordell, OK

“Did you really make this?”

I have now made a few of the Amazon wine kits. The Cornucopia are all fruity flavored sweet wines. Within a month of bottling the Pear Chablis our 30 bottles is down to 6 remaining. We have given as gifts and taken to get togethers. My only negative comment is that the starting Specific Gravity is low therefore these are lower alcohol wines. I did add a couple cups of sugar to the fermenter at the beginning…but worried that adding too much sugar would throw off the flavor of the wine. Anyway, the Pear Chablis is a nice easy drinking wine. It has an attractive label. I used clear bottles and the final product looks sharp.
If you are looking for straight wines that are not sweet fruit flavored wines, check out the Vino Italiano kits. These also come with corks, foils, and labels. They are a higher alcohol wine than the Cornucopia kits with a starting SG closer to 1.090.
VicenteSan Ysidro, NM

Great Wine!

Just bottled this wine about 2 weeks ago. Opened the bottle yesterday, and WOW!! I can’t believe how good it is. Lots of pear flavor, and having experience with this brand, I know that when I let it sit for a couple months, it will be much better. The sweetness mellows out a little, but still is great! I have made about 6 of the Cornucopia wines, all with good results. If you like the sweeter wines, you have to try this!
CordeliaLyons, GA

Excellent wine and i’m going to make two more of them right away

I bought this kit and I have to say that it was a hit. It was originally bought for my wife but then she decided to trade off 15 of these for 15 of the White Zin that we were making for a friends wedding. At the wedding it went quick and many people were asking me to make it for them. MY answer was here is where you buy the kit and if you want to buy it and the bottles I would be happy to make it for you. I do not have a license to sell it since this is just a hobby for me.
I did add one can of white grape concentrate after the F-pack was added and that added so much more flavor.
I promise that you can’t go wrong with this kit if you like a sweet chardonnay.
TaishaTintah, MN

White Pear Delight

This turned out fantastic, a little sweeter than I expecting but still great. May even consider this a dessert wine. Its nice using Cornucopia kits as they come complete with all the supplies you need, corks,labels,toppers,etc. I only use distilled water in the making of the wine, dont want to chance it with anything else. They have always turned out great. Give it a try…..The Farmwiner
KaiWilsons Mills, NC

Sweet, delightful wine

This is definitely sweet, but that’s how I like my wine. No backsweetening needed! It has a pear flavor and chilled … well, it’s my favorite.
AdolfoNew Burnside, IL

Good kit

Good kit, however using the F-pack (pear juice) made it WAY too sweet, I ordered two more and intent to blend the kits, the second two with out the added pear juice.
AntoniettaNewton Center, MA

White Pear Chardonnay

I would call this a summer wine-light with strong pear notes. Almost clear in color. Nice finish and a good wine for those who don’t really like wine.
FranchescaEdmonds, WA

not bad, I like the tropical riesling better

I bought this kit after I really enjoyed making the tropical riesling from the same manufacturer. It was equally easy to make, but it is very peary. I wouldn’t have minded it if it was more subtle. Still very drinkable, but I suspect that I’ll be mixing it more.
LauriPittsboro, NC

Simply amazing as usual

This is my 6th kit I have made and as usual it is simply amazing!!! I am truly hooked on all Amazon’s wine kits as they have all turned out better then I have ever imagined for the price. i couldn’t be happier with the results and will continue to purchase these kits to add to my wine cellar. I am in the process of fermenting the Barolo and am eagerly anticipating the end results.
MarcelinaRogers City, MI

Crowd pleaser

This is my third wine kit and it’s going so fast I should order another. We took samples from all three kits to a Thanksgiving get-together. More than once, I heard, “Who’s going to finish off this bottle so we can open another pear?”
OrethaWinesburg, OH