Cortijo de Suerte Alta Picual- Award Winning, NOP Organic Certified, Cold Pressed EVOO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 2011-2012 Harvest, 67-Ounce Tin

Award Winning Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from 10-40 year old olive trees of the “Cortijo de Suerte Alta” family estate situated in the oil producing region of Baena, Andalucia. The early harvest on the first days of November and the extraction process confer to this oil a green fruited flavor with a moderate peppery bitter touch with aromas of tomato plant and citrus trees. One of the main benefits of the Picual olive is the high level of natural antioxidants content which combined with the organic nature of this oil makes it one of the healthiest oils money can buy. Cortijo de Suerte Alta produces Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil exclusively from olive trees within its estate. Their objective is to control all the stages of production that may influence the quality of their oil: handling of the fruit, farming methods, irrigation, timing of the harvest, picking olives from the trees and never from the ground and fast oil extraction-less than 3 hours after picking. To manage this, Cortijo de Suerte Alta has integrated all the phases of production and situated the mill and bottling operations in the middle of their estate. The NOP certification is a guarantee that the production methods are environmentally friendly and that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Cortijo de Suerte Alta is chemical-free. Cortijo de Suerte Alta’s Estate farming methods and production is controlled by the CAAE organization (in Spanish: Comite Andaluz de Agricultura Ecologica). Their method of certification is one of the most rigorous in the world.

Quick facts

  • Certified Organic: NOP US and European Union Certification
  • Harvested Pre Envero in early Autumn to maximize the content of antioxidants and other health promoting nutrients
  • Complex Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cold press extraction
  • Aemo 2007-2008 Award to the best Olive Oil Mill in Spain
  • To conserve the health promoting compounds best used cold: dippings, salad dressings or just added cold to a hot dish at the time of serving
  • EVOO from Baena Andalusia, Spain
  • Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition: Silver Medal in the Robust Organic Category, 2011
  • DOP Baena, Silver Medal in the Green Fruity Category, 2011
  • Cordoba County Council: Gold Medal 2011

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Great Amazonian and wonderful product! Its nice to know somebody is producing a ethically produced product that is also healthy.
GeorgiannaMerritt, MI