– Cotton Drawstring Muslin Bags, 2.75″ X 4″ – Pack of 50

100% cotton. Contains no color dyes. Make refillable sachets; fill with lavender, other herbs, cellulose fiber with fragrance, or a sachet blend and hang in closet or put in drawers. Used to infuse teas, coffee, mulled spice drinks – add to water, cider, or wine. Cook with fine herbs – for a recoverable seasoning in soups and stews. Bath herbs – let bag hang under hot running water; throw away herbs after use, rinse bag, and reuse.

Quick facts

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  • 100% Unbleached Cotton Muslin
  • 3″ x 5″ Drawstring Bags
  • Contains no color dyes

Top reviews

A good multi-purpose product

One issue of drinking home brewed spiced tea is many of the products out there do not work well with simmering finer spices. These bags once tied tight do the job better than anything else I’ve tried. I’ve also used the bags to stuff herbs and spices in poultry for the rotisserie and I have use them in pots of soup/sauces (where I want the flavor but not the herb texture). They worked wonderfully and held up well for all of these purposes. I am sure they work equally well for scent sachets or a number of other purposes. The strings on my bags pull shut very easy and the product is well made and holds up. For many purposes the bags could be washed and reused.
VerniceDodgeville, MI

Useful for herbs and tea and other things

…including holding ice cubes for a teething toddler. The muslin is strong but of a weave that allows liquid to flow easily. The drawstrings are long and easy to manage.
CorrinOpelousas, LA

High Quality

I ordered these to make sachets for baby shower favors. I added my own sage and lavender colored ribbon after filing them with lavender (from the same supplier). They look like I spent a fortune on them but I didn’t! I have left-overs which I plan on using for gifts, tea bags, and also to make oil infusions with. I’m quite pleased with them!
KathiSpeculator, NY

excellent quality

these are excellent quality bags (heavy, tight weave)–minimal, if any, floaties. (i use them, primarily, for tea.) …if you decide to purchase them, you won’t be disappointed.
BeverlyLake View, SC

Perfect for brewing loose teas

Pretty straightforward- Basic cotton drawstring muslin bags, bought for the purpose of filling with loose teas and brewing. I hand-washed the bags to clean them first, just to be on the safe side, and being cotton, they shrunk a bit, but still large enough to fill in enough tea to brew a whole pot of coffee- with minimal mess. When done- turn inside out to wash out the loose tea leaves, and could use again many, many times.
LeeannaOhatchee, AL