Country Bacon Twelve 1 lb. pkgs.

Our dry cured bacon starts with the most select slabs of bacon. We first rub our sugar cure recipe on to the slabs, and then smoke the slabs slowly using hickory smoke. Slabs are hand trimmed and cut 6-8 slices per inch (most store bought bacon is much thinner). Center cut slices are vacuum packaged in a one pound size. Unopened packages of bacon store for months in the freezer so stock up and save.

Quick facts

  • Original Country Bacon
  • Hickory Smoked and Full of Flavor
  • The Most Economical Way to Buy Our Country Bacon
  • Free Shipping

Top reviews

The real deal (ALMOST)

I pass around favorable endorsements very seldom but this is one of those occasions.

I’m almost 69 and this bacon would be as almost identical to the bacon I ate if it were a bit saltier and had the rind left on.

If you want the old time southern bacon without all the salt and the rind, this is it.

I’ll admit I do salt the bacon just a tad before I fry it.

This is good stuff if you appreciate great bacon.

EvanMedford, NY

Country Bacon

The product was fair, not as “country” as I would like, but better than you find in a grocery store.
JettaCarbondale, IL