Country Choice Organic Fit Kids Instant Oatmeal

We started Country Choice in 1995 with the idea of making it easier for people to eat organic. Back then most organic products didn’t taste very good. The only choice most people had was choosing between something that tasted good and something that was organic. We felt it was time for someone to give consumers an easy choice. Today, we’re every bit as committed to providing great tasting organic food and believe it is a better choice for people and the planet.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 8-count boxes
  • Made with whole grain and organic ingredients
  • Good source of calcium, iron and fiber
  • Chocolate chip and cinnamon toast flavors
  • A tasty morning alternative kids will actually eat

Top reviews

just barely ok

unfortunately, this oatmeal doesn’t really fit the bill for me or or my kids. while the ingredient list looks good, the added sugar is a bit high (but no worse than the norm) and i wondered why they added the extra vitamins. also, the packages are a bit smaller than quaker, and while that isn’t a problem in and of itself, each package has as much simple sugars added as the slightly larger quaker (even though the box says: “now less sugar”)! but the kids are the final judge on this one, and my kids don’t really like it. my 6 yr old wouldn’t eat either flavor without adding maple syrup. they are pretty high in sugar to start, but adding more sugar just to get her to eat it completely minimizes the nutritional value. my 14 yr old says she doesn’t like the texture AT ALL and has basically refused to eat it. i would definitely recommend buying just one box to try it before spending the money on a case as i did!
ElainePost, OR