Country Choice Organic Vanilla Wafers Snacking Cookies, 8-Ounce Boxes

We started Country Choice in 1995 with the idea of making it easier for people to eat organic. Back then most organic products didn’t taste very good. The only choice most people had was choosing between something that tasted good and something that was organic. We felt it was time for someone to give consumers an easy choice. Today, we’re every bit as committed to providing great tasting organic food and believe it is a better choice for people and the planet.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 8 ounce boxes
  • A crisp little cookie with a sweet vanilla flavor
  • Made with real vanilla
  • No hydrogenated oils and 0g Trans fats
  • USDA organic

Top reviews

Used To Be Great, But No More!!

These cookies used to be great, but alas, no more!! I bought two cases (12 boxes) of the ones with an expiration date of “OCT 11 09 B” from Amazon recently. When I received them I found only two to three whole cookies per box, the rest were broken in multiple pieces. I had previously had this problem with the “OCT 11 09 B” cookies that I purchased from Kroger and Whole Foods. Two problems that I noticed right away: 1) the natural ginger snap cracks are two deep and the whole cookies that are present break with very little force, and 2) the cookie boxes rather than being stacked vetically in the case taking advantage of the stucture of each box to protect the cookies, are layed flat on top of one another. Therefore, just stacking cases on top of one another crushes the cookies. When I called the company and pointed out these problems, they blamed Amazon’s mishandling of the cases as the cause of so many broken cookies. They promised to reimburse me but I only received coupons to replace one of the two problem cases. If the broken cookie pieces had not tasted so good and if they had not been organic, this rating would have been a “1”.
EmelineNew Lexington, OH


I was looking for an organic vanilla wafer, both for munching and for making banana/cookie pudding. Although slightly smaller around and slightly thicker than the popular national brand, these are great for both purposes. Flavor is good and vanilla-y and the texture and moisture content are excellent.
LatinaNew Derry, PA

Ginger Snap / Vanilla Wafer Nirvana!

If your grandma ever made molasses cookies, they might have tasted like these extraordinary ginger snaps! They’re light and snappy, without being a jaw-breaker. The amount of ginger and sugar is just right and the molasses is unsulphured, thus, there’s no yucky aftertaste. The Country Choice vanilla wafers are equally delicious! At over six bucks a pound, these cookies are a bit pricey, but worth every penny. Try these with a nice cup of tea or an ice-cold glass of milk. Now, try not to eat the whole box full…I dare you!
RoyLefors, TX

Great cookie

These have a great flavor, stronger than some other brands and they are crispy without being too hard.
DarlineHurley, NY

four stars for the cookies, two for the packaging

These cookies were quite delicious, and reminded me of those my grandmother used to bake for me when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I only got to taste them in very little bits, as every box was crushed and the cookies inside were broken into small bits and crumbs…I suspect this is a result of poor shipping/packaging on Amazon’s behalf.
SylvieNorth Conway, NH

4 stars since organic

If these had not been organic I’d only given 2 stars. I’m used to eating Nature’s Path organic ginger spice cookies which is the one I’m using to compare. The NP ones have a stronger ginger flavor which I prefer. The crunch factor (hardness) is about the same. The price point is the biggest factor. The NP at $32 w/o coupon for 12 9 ox. boxes are approx.4.75 pound (the last case I bought had a coupon so were $22 or 3.26/lb). These are about 6.50/lb. at Amazon’s current price. I probably won’t buy these again as I’ll stick w/ Nature’s Path. That said, I did give this brand’s chocolate mint cookies 5 stars and I do plan on purchasing those again as well as trying their chocolate chip and oatmeal cranberry.
BrittaniLemhi, ID


I have been looking for an Organic Kosher cookie to replace “nilla Wafers”, this cookie hit the spot. They are a different consistency than wafers, a little bit harder, but much more delicious. My kids loved them and so do I.
MerleGreensboro, GA

Great Taste

Everyone in my house loves these cookies, even my sister who is not into “healthy foods”
BufordRichmond, ME

Great Vanilla Wafers

I love these vanilla wafer cookies … very tasty and sweet. They don’t taste exactly like original vanilla wafers and the texture is more hard than original wafers but they are still great.
TerinaWhitesburg, GA

The Icing on the Cak…er…Cookie!

Sweet, not crispy or too chewy, these cookies are some of the best iced oatmeal cookies that I have ever tasted. Similar in taste to Mothers(tm) Iced Oatmeal cookies only not as stiff and they don’t taste like plastic.

For all of you Vegans out there: I am not sure if the cookies are completely Vegan. These cookies are not listed on their site as being Vegan but I could not find any animal derived ingredients (aside from the mysterious “Natural Flavors”). You can find more information on their site: […]

Overall these cookies taste excellent! They truly are the icing on the cookie!

RolandaPorthill, ID

best ginger snaps

these are the best ginger snaps that we have ever tasted, we only eat organic, natural foods and rarely eat sweets but these are wonderful cookies and most of the ingrediants are ok.
BernardoBlessing, TX

Can’t keep these away from my husband!!

I’ve taken our family organic over the past year. In order to get family “buy in” I decided my approach would be to start with sweets 😉 These types of cookies are ones that my husband likes so I got the organic version to see if he would like them. Well…we’re still organic! Not only did he like them, he didn’t even notice. He still hoards them and insists they are only “his”. I enjoy them as do our 3 kids. The only problem is we go through a case in no time!
LenardNeedville, TX

iced oatmeal cookies

these cookies are great! we all love them, even the kids. good ingredients, great taste, and they melt on your tongue.
EugenieGoodson, MO


DorrisKingston, WA

better than the national brand

Organic, tasty, not much else to say about these cookies except that they are delicious and I love putting them in desserts, or eating them alone. My only complaint is that the boxes are kind of small compared to the national brand, but taste and health factor make up for it. Will buy again.
PamalaGlenham, NY

Great cookies

My family really likes these cookies. They are so crunchy and good. I love the fact that they are organic and taste good too. They are a little dryer tasting than regular vanilla wafers.
DorcasBowler, WI