Country Ham, by Johnston County Hams

Whole Country Ham, Aged 6 months, 13-14 Lb. Average The Original: Johnston County Ham! Our country ham is annually lauded by food critics as “The Best Country Ham in America.” Dry cured, slow hickory smoked and delicately aged to perfection, our Original Johnston County Hams have a unique, gently smoked aroma and mellow, lightly-salted taste. No one has ever been able to recreate our generations of country curing knowledge; our hams are truly a gourmet delicacy. Our secret six month curing process creates a ham with a deeper, richer aroma; with a drier finish. Oh, the flavor of this ham on a toasted English muffin or a hot biscuit is so wonderful. Don’t confuse this with the kind of ham regularly sold in grocery stores. Refrigerate and wrap the ham with foil or butcher paper once the ham has been cut into. To keep your ham the freshest we recommend wrapping the ham to prevent the meat from drying out. Follow the easy cooking instructions. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Quick facts

  • Hickory Smoked & Dry Cured for 6 Months, By Cure Master Rufus Brown
  • Our Country Ham is Annually Lauded by food critics as “The Best Country Ham in America.”
  • Gently Hickory Smoked Aroma and Mellow, Lightly-Salted Taste
  • No Refrigeration Required
  • Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Top reviews

Johnson County Ham

I bought a whole ham because the good review by an Amazon reviewer on some other brand and because the Amazon’s descrition that it is an award winning ham.

The ham has excellent color, aroma and taste (on the salty side, as expected for dry cured southern ham). My wife and I are very pleased with it.

SlyviaLuning, NV


I was a little leary of ordering a ham via mail but must say everything was excellent. Shipping was on time, quality was as good as advertised. A definite “splurge” (especially with the high shipping cost) but will get another one next Christmas.
ChiDixons Mills, AL

Great Country Ham, Great Price

I really recommend this ham for anyone looking for a quality American country ham. Delicious, highly recommended.
The price is very reasonable all things considered. This is a home style product, not the mass produced wet things we can find in the supermarket. A real flavor difference if you have only ever had “city ham”.
EliseBrownsburg, IN