Country Spoon Montmorency Red Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate 34 oz.

Country Spoon Red Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate is made 100% from red tart Montmorency cherries, grown right on our farm in the USA. We feel that by bringing you this product straight from the farm that we can ensure the highest quality tart cherry concentrate possible. Tart cherries contain high levels of antioxidants and melatonin. The antioxidants in tart cherries have also been shown to have health promoting properties.

Quick facts

  • Montmorency tart cherries are a good addition to a health conscious diet.
  • High in melatonin. Melatonin helps regulate sleep patterns.
  • Cherry concentrate is a natural, fruit product.
  • High in antioxidants.
  • 100% USA grown cherries.

Top reviews

Does NOT Put me to sleep!!

I bought 2 bottles of this Tart Cherry Juice because they were cheaper than TART IS SMART. They may be providing the Anti Oxidents that they say but they completely failed me in helping to sleep better at night. I returned 1 bottle to Amazon & went back to TART IS SMART. I used to wake up 3-4 times a night & have trouble getting back to sleep. Being nearly 80 & retired, I can sleep in if I choose. With my TIS formula, I get to sleep fairly quick, wake up 7 hours later & get anothert hour or two after visiting the bathroom. This product may work much better for you but I found one that works for me & will stick with it forever. I hope to read YOUR opinion of this product soon?
LettieLabadie, MO

Good Stuff

Juice consentrate is very good. I like it as much as the Tart is Smart and with the price increase it is considerably cheaper even with subscribe and save. This will be my staple tart cherry juice from now on.”
TenishaHope, KY

Great for running recovery

I am training for a half marathon. At the start of my training I wasn’t taking cherry juice. As I increased my long runs each week my knees and hips were so sore. I started to take this cherry concentrate and ever since then I have felt pretty good. I take the juice every morning with my breakfast. It has a very strong flavor but mixes well with apple or orange juice. The half marathon I’m running in is this weekend and I feel ready for it thanks in part to the cherry juice helping reduce the pain. This stuff works for me.
AndersonBarco, NC

Marathon Runner

I am a middle aged runner and take this cherry concentrate to help my recovery time between long races. This works better than Ibuprofen and is all natural. After each long run I take a couple tablespoons with my Gatorade and my muscles recover quicker (I experimented with not taking it). I love this stuff.
ZenaWatseka, IL

Really like it.

I have read a couple of the studies on the anti-inflammatory potential of tart cherry juice, and became convinced that it’s worth a try (as a 57-YO athlete). I like this product b/c the label tells exactly how many cherries a tablespoon is equivalent to, so I can make an informed choices as to how much I use, based on the number-of-cherry equivalents in the studies I’ve read. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the label, but I’ve no reason to doubt it. I’ve grown to like the flavor, especially mixed with lime seltzer!
FrancescoCurtis, AR

You bet your life!

I have pain and numbness down both arms from a pinched nerve at the bottom of my neck. I started drinking this juice three months into what will likely be a four to six month recovery. Because my doctor has put me on a long-term anti-inflammatory medication, I am not allowed to take over-the-counter medications like Advil and Tylenol. I can say that taking a glass of this juice has the same pain-killing effect as taking two Advil. I enjoy two glasses a day – one in the morning and one at dinner. The only down-side is the sugar, which is really the only processed sugar I eat during the day. The juice tastes good and the quality of the syrup is consistent and pleasant.

I usually don’t go for “miracle” foods or diet fads, but this juice simply works – this is the real deal. It will not cure pain, but it will inhibit inflammation and facilitate faster healing of arthritis, spasms, and sprains.

ArianaMunday, TX

Truly concentrated juice

This juice is actually concentrated as advertised. Of all the juice concentrates of any flavor i have tried, this one is the most concentrated, and i expected the others to be as concentrated but they were all thin. I guess tart cherry juice tastes like fresh black cherries in general, but Montmorency RTCJ has the more tart best flavor!
StasiaDale, WI

Cheaper than other brands

Tastes like drinking a cherry pie. I purchased this for my mother’s gout and she told me it works quickly. It’s also supposed to help lower blood pressure. Speedy delivery. It’s not 5 stars because of the high price.
LyndsayMerepoint, ME

Delicious tart cherry concentrate

Every bit as good as any other brand I’ve tried. Fantastic taste and easy to use. This stuff can become addictive.
AlphaRandall, MN

Helps with sore joints and muscles

I am a long-distance runner and a belly dancer. My back objects to the dancing and my knees object to the running. I was having a lot of trouble managing my pain and still doing my activities with ibuprofen alone. I read about tart cherry juice in my running magazine, and I decided to give it a try after reading some of the other reviews here on Amazon.

I am simply blown away by the difference! My body really reacts to this stuff. My knee pain has disappeared, and my back only hurts during really deep back bends. I had same-day relief, too. I can definitely tell the difference on days where I forget to take this! As an added bonus, I have noted a marked decrease in how sore my muscles are, as well. I wish I had heard about this sooner!

I follow what it says on the bottle, 1 once twice daily. At first, I was just using a tablespoon and licking it out of the tablespoon (2TBS=1 oz.), which I still do in the mornings, but good lord this stuff is tart! The first one isn’t too bad, I think mostly because your taste buds are in shock. The second one really gets me, though! Lately, I’ve been mixing my ounce into a cup of orange juice at dinner, which looks disgusting but tastes, surprisingly, really good.

I really hope this product comes back in stock soon, I don’t think I could go without it and I’m hesitant to switch to a different brand.

ClarenceMajestic, KY

tart cherry concentrate

Good, and reasonable for drink. A product that is good for sleeping and inflamation. I will buy again if the price stays reasonable.
TylerPatterson, CA


This cherry juice concentrate taste very cherry 🙂 Country Spoon Montmorency Red Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate 34 oz. I like this product, and, perhaps, I will order this cherry juice concentrate again.
MarqueriteGrand Island, FL

tastes like fresh cherries

This is very good but I prefer the liquid cherry juice. Less messy to deal with and the concentrate doesn’t seem to go as far as the liquid juice. Just my preference.
GarnetHickory Flat, MS