“Crazy Crust” Cobbler Mix

“Crazy Crust” Cobbler Mix makes a quick and easy dessert; just pour in any can of fruit and bake. It’s so great, our homemade recipe makes its own crust! Baking a cobbler couldn’t be easier! Start to Serve: 1 hr., 10 min.

Quick facts

  • All our mixes are all natural & fresh – prepared only when you order!
  • Our delicious mix makes the perfect cobbler.
  • Just mix, add your fruit, bake & you’re done! Easy!
  • Fast & easy to prepare – perfect for busy families.

Top reviews

Pretty Good Stuff!

Definitely easier to prepare than the “Plentiful Pastry” cobbler – and with much better results. Be sure to use enough butter, per the instructions, and this becomes a very buttery, sweet-tasting topping that rises up through the berries while baking. It’s not a “crumbly type” cobbler topping, but a solid dough-like one. But it’s not too thick or thin. Preparation is extremely easy and everyone really liked the cobbler. The instructions are clear and simple. I’ve used it with both canned cherry mixtures and also berries.
AdalbertoSergeant Bluff, IA