Cream Of Rice Cereal, 14-Ounce Boxes

The Cream of rice cereal, 14 ounce boxes (pack of 12) contains hot cereal that good for infant health and rich in proteins.

Quick facts

  • Free cholesterol, gluten and fat
  • Contains sodium, calcium, iron, protein

Top reviews

Some like it hot!

I wanted to look up cream of rice to see how it is produced and I found this site on Amazon, where they appear to sell this kind of product. I was surprised since I thought they were only into books and music. I was further surprised to hear that so many people were having a hard time finding it and that it cost nearly five bucks a box to get it online. I buy it all the time from Cub and eat nearly a box at a time. It cost less than three dollars a box here in MN. I adorn the cooked rice with a tablespoon of butter and about a quarter cup of heavy whipping cream and another of white sugar. I intentionally make it very thick and lumpy so the cream makes it like a thickened stew and the lumps are like dumplings. People think it sounds awful until they take a taste of mine and they rarely go back to the former slurry they thought they liked until they tried mine.
LaureneSecretary, MD

Great Rice Breakfast food

Cream Of Rice Cereal, 14-Ounce Units (Pack of 12)

I am a dialysis patient and can’t have breakfast foods with wheat or brown rice in them. This is a pretty good breakfast food. I add
my sweet n’ low and some cinnamon to it, and it tastes fairly well.

KirkSan Lorenzo, PR


Best product I have found for a filling, no cal breakfast that sticks to the ribs.
NobukoHamler, OH

Cream of Rice suits me well….I have been searching in stores with no luck!

I have loved Cream of Rice for years and have been searching for it in the stores forever with no luck. I decided to look on Amazon and low and behold, there it was. I just love it for breakfast with butter, sugar and milk. It fills me up and yet I don’t have the bloated feeling I sometimes have with wheat cereals. I have had ileostomy surgery and this product is wonderful for me in that regard as well. I am so glad I found it again after years of doing without. I tried putting dry rice in a mill to grind it, but it sure is a lot less work getting it pre-ground this way. It works well as a binder for meatloaf and also as a thickener for soups!
BlakeSomerville, MA

Best basic food

Mother used to give me Cream of Rice when I was ill, as a child, and I was ill a *lot*.
Now, I’m nearly end-stage with ulcerating Crohn’s disease, but still find that Cream of Rice can be digested without pain, and quickly alleviates nausea which accompanies Crohn’s flares.
However, illness aside, I would still recommend it as an outstanding hot breakfast food. I’m also glad to see it here as the world-wide “Bigmart” has chased most other groceries out of our small town, and now does not consistently carry this product, nor will they respond to requests for products. Thanks, Amazon.
DelphineNew Carlisle, IN

Cream of Rice

My 2 yr old has a wheat intolerance and even the baby rice cereal from Gerber has lots of additives she doesn’t do well with. Cream Of Rice is just plain ol rice, imagine that. Found it in ONE store here in Austin but it is the Mexican version… glad to find it on Amazon. It’s getting too hard to find anymore!!! A little maple syrup and she is as HAPPY girl.
AleishaMoorhead, MS

Best Breakfast Food

This is the perfect breakfast food for those who want to eat healthy or are on a diet because this item is fat-free. I like this item because it is gluten-free and that means I can eat it and not worry about my stomach gettting upset like it does when I eat oatmeal. You can always add flavor to it. I like to add instant coffee to make it have a coffee flavor. It is a fast breakfast food too because a bowl only takes less than 3 minutes in the microwave depending on how thin or thick you want it.
ClevelandTivoli, NY


This is wonderful with a little organic maple syrup and walnuts. It is my new comfort food! Yummy!
LarryBrooklyn, AL

Great Food

this is a food loved by the very young to the very old. It is a great price. The delivery was quite speedy. Enough said.
QuyenVulcan, MO

Cream of Rice Cereal

Rice products have always been a “comfort” food for me. As a child I enjoyed Cream of Rice cereal, rice with milk and sugar, and rice pudding. Lately I have not been able to find Cream of Rice cereal in the grocery stores in my area. Not only that but stores around here no longer stock short grain, sticky, rice because they say it doesn’t sell. When I was younger you couldn’t find long grain rice in the stores.

I recommend Cream of Rice cereal to anyone who, like myself, enjoys rice as a comfort food.

KristineTonawanda, NY

Mmm…Delicious Nostalgia

When I was a little kid, I remember my grandmother making me this for breakfast every morning. Living in the Pacific Northwest, autumn and winter mornings are known to be more than a *little* chilly, so Cream of Rice was oftentimes the go-to option. I’m a HUGE stickler for texture, so oatmeal and I have always been at odds with one another, and cream of wheat has too much of its own flavor for my sensitive taste buds. As I grew up, I opted for faster more readily available options for the on-the-go rush that Americans always seem to be in, but after I came home from a hospitalization, I was told to stick to soft, bland foods.

My immediate thoughts were recollections of delicious mornings at my grandmother’s house!

I always make mine with whole milk and no salt, then drizzle in a little bit more milk to cool it down and make it the same consistency my grandmother used to. I don’t typically put in other additives for flavor because I love the standard flavor when cooked with milk. I also use Cream of Rice as a thickener in cream-based soups as an alternative to flour or corn starch, and use it as a component in my homemade rice pudding, too. Stores around here still carry it, so that’s not really an issue for me, but regardless of its accessibility, I highly recommend the product to anyone!

LueDushore, PA

Tastes great and cooks fast!

This stuff tastes good and cooks quickly. If you liked “cream of wheat,” then this is a great gluten free alternative.
KarlRinggold, LA

Love this stuff!

Odd that you cannot find it anymore in stores. Anyhow, I just love this because it reminds me of my childhood and it’s just a simple breakfast with versatility – mix in some fresh fruit, or with a dab of butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon (my personal favorite). It tastes so much better to me than cream of wheat. I also ordered from Amazon when I saw it there. I was talking to a friend of mine who’s husband was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and I thought this would be something he could easily eat. Plus, I am sure it’s perfect for babies even though I enjoy it so much myself.
RaisaRuth, NV

Love cream of rice

Can’t buy this in stores. I don”t know why.But glad I found this on Amazon.Ordered 12 boxes.Good deal!!!This will get me thru the winter.thanks
DickNeelyville, MO

Nora’s Review of Amazon

I have been purchasing Cream of Rice from Amozon since January 2011. I cannot find the cereal in any of our stores locally or around our area. I am so happy Amazon has given me the oppotuity to buy it from them. At first I was getting it every 2 months, ran out,. changed it to every month, have enough to last so have changed it to 3 months. I have to try to eat gluten free products. Cream of Rice is very good for my stomach problems. Amazon agrees to ship whatever time you want their product and are willing to change dates whenever you need to. Amason is a much better company to deal with than some others when you order over the internet. Thank you Amazon.

Nora E. Schmidt

DarlineHathaway, MT

Finally Cream of Rice

Love my Cream of Rice. Now that colder weather is here, it’s time for a nice warm breakfast. Unfortunately all the local grocers in the area no longer carry it. Thank you Amazon, you have saved me again. From my favorite tea and now for the best hot cereal there is. Ordering a case may seem a bit much, but I have alot of family members who will help me gobble it up.
IeshaPottersville, NJ


Like so many others I enjoyed Cream of Rice as a youngster only to be dismayed at not finding it in stores as an adult. Thanks to Amazon I will soon be enjoying it once again. The baby-specific rice cereals are a poor substitute with their pulverized texture, a substitute that I will no longer find necessary. One thing I noticed on delivery of the product is that Nabisco has removed their trademark from the boxes. I don’t know if they are distancing themselves from this delicious product for some reason but I think it would be a mistake. Cream of Rice is a classic that deserves to be on the shelf of every supermarket in the country. This is great stuff and I intend to enjoy every bit of it.
SuzanneBenton Harbor, MI

So glad Amazon carries this!

I have celiac disease and must avoid gluten. Cream of Rice is one of my favorite gluten-free hot cereals, but I have a hard time finding it in local stores so I was really happy to find it here on Amazon and for such a great price!
KeikoLairdsville, PA


AikoHinsdale, MT

Celiac’s Requirements

I was very happy to find this product as my family requires products without ‘wheat, rye, barley or oats’ and this is a great hot cereal they can have.
DeloraWorland, WY