Creamette Pasta Creamette Extra Wide Egg Noodles 16-Ounce Packages

CREAMETTE is part of the New World Pasta family of brands, the leading dry pasta manufacturer in the United States. New World Pasta brands include Ronzoni Healthy Harvest, Ronzoni Smart Taste and Ronzoni Garden Delight.

Quick facts

  • Best in soup, entrées, side dishes or oven bakes; toss with cream or cheese sauces, gravy, light tomato sauce or simple butter

Top reviews

Excellent Noodles

I put these noodles right up with the best of them.. American Beauty, Western Family, they are just as good and tasty.. Love being able to buy them in bulk like this as I make a lot of casseroles so not having to run to the store is a real plus.. Amazon has become my second store and I don’t have to waste gas driving into the city all the time.. Being in a rural area with only 2 small grocery stores Amazon has really been a great boon to myself and many of my neighbors and friends.. Also, with several of us being seniors it’s nice having some things delivered right to the front door.. Now when I need pasta, I know Creamette will be able to supply my needs.. I highly recommend them!
SheenaLyford, TX