Creamy Havarti Cheese

Havarti was created in the 1800’s on a Danish farm from which it took its name. Havarti has a light yellow paste and no rind. The Havarti has a mild and butter like flavor when it is young, but as this cheese ages, it becomes saltier andbes of havarti as a stuffing for small rolls or pits of puff pastry dough. It’s almost fondue like texture will be a delight to bite into. On its own, or as part of a cheese platter, havarti pairs well with figs, pears and walnuts. If yo u are looking for a

Quick facts

  • Made from Cow’s milk
  • Flavor: Mild
  • Recommended Wine: Burgundy, Cote de Beaune
  • Product of Denmark
  • Hand cut to order

Top reviews


This a smooth, creamy mild cheese. I don’t know a lot about different cheeses, but this was so good, that I bought more after I received it as a gift!
NolanHuntington, WV