Creminelli Fine Meats Artisan Felino Salami 1 Stick

The Creminelli Family has produced cured meats for as many generations as are known going as far back as 400 years. The families Italian company located in Italy’s Piemonte opened in 1906. Creminelli has been recognized by Slow Food International for their Artisan Excellence for cured meats. Creminelli uses only whole primal cuts of meat, no trim or leftovers, only organic spices and imported gourmet ingredients such s truffles and wine from the highest quality Italian producers. Felino Salami originated in central Italy. Often referred to as the “King” of salami, it is oldest known recipe in Italy. With origins in Felino, Italy in the central Emilia Romagna region. To prepare this salami requires specific cuts of pork, only allowing Creminelli to make a few pounds per pig. The meat is coarsely ground, salted and spiced with an ancient blend that is one of Italy’s oldest salami recipes. The recipe is a closely held secret of the Creminelli Family, however you can tell that pepper and nutmeg are pronounced flavors. 1 stick, approx. 12 to 16 ounces in weight.

Quick facts

  • Felino known as the “king” of salami
  • Oldest known recipe in Italy
  • Item ordered fresh, 5 days lead time before shipment

Top reviews

Very delicious!

Having spent time in Italy (ie, experience with the real deal), this product really did take me back to the old country. Quite delicious!
StepanieCentral City, IA