Crick-ettes Seasoned Crickets

Open your mind, Open your mouth and Open a pack (1.4 Grams) of the Original Cricket Snax. Each carton contains 24 packs in 3 flavors…WOW your friends. Guaranteed to start some sort of conversation!! Flavors included are: Salt & Vinegar (Blue Packet) 8 packs Bacon/Cheddar (Yellow Packet) 8 packs Sour Cream & Onion (Green Packet) 8 packs.

Quick facts

  • Crick-ettes Seasoned Crickets in a 24 carat pack
  • Original Cricket Snax in Salt n’ Vinegar, Bacon & Cheddar Cheese, and Sour Cream & Onion seasoning
  • Eight boxes of each flavor

Top reviews


These are delicious treats for people of all ages. I got $100 for eating these and they were surprisingly delicious. I would seriously recommend getting these for snacks for a party or just using to gross out your friends. the maggots and the scorpion suckers also made by this company are also delicious.
YasmineIngomar, PA

Getting Pass the Superficial

Most of us (girls mostly) grew up running away from, chasing, or killing this little insect. You’d never think of actual eating one. Most people have a problem with eating crickets or any insect not because of the fear of how it may taste, but the fact that it’s an INSECT. People also see these little guys as dirty and not worth being food for humans. This is understandable looking at some cricket or other insect that wanders inside of your home, but it’s different when they are farmed especially for human consumption as these. I mean, you wouldn’t just chuck some random insect into your mouth, even if you were into eating insects. It’s like gnawing on a cow while it’s grazing and this clearly isn’t the case.

This product is one of the first “alternative-protein” foods I’ve tried. Like almost everyone, I had to get over the shock of putting something that could also have die in the soles of my shoes into my mouth. Once you get past the looks and the no no thoughts, they pretty much taste like roasted, flavored peanuts though a bit hollow. The more you eat the more “normal” it feels. I even had a friend try one ( I paid them $1), they popped it into their mouth, Fear Factor face and all, and asked for more. The only drawback for me is that it takes more than one at a time to make it feel as though you’re not eating air and I didn’t get my dollar back.

After eating crickets, I wanted to know what else there is to try and so I’ve sampled just about every other bug Hotlix has to offer. If you’re an adventurous eater like me, this is a must. Absolutely. If not, they’re great for gag gifts, party icebreakers, and pranks.

MableWaterville, MN

$2 worth of crickets for $40

The crickets taste like small, very crunchy air puffed potato chips, and there are about 8 in each packet. With 24 packs in the box, that’s about 200 crickets in total. This is a novelty item, nothing more.
MargotMunroe Falls, OH

disappointing and overpriced

This crickets are a terrible value, have no flavor, and come in very small portions. Despite the advertised three flavors, I found all of the crickets to have more of a texture than a flavor and couldn’t really distinguish between the advertised flavors strongly. I bought these Crick-ettes as a novelty, and for that they have served their purpose, but judging by any other criteria, this product is terrible.
FrancoiseAlsen, ND

Seasoned Crickets

I get these every year for the students in my class to try. It goes along with a story we read. They are sixth graders and are leery at first but end up loving them.
LeraAshland, OR