Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers – 20 oz. – CASE PACK OF 4


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Not for my taste buds

I have only found a few gluten free crackers I like, this IS NOT one of them. I purchased these at Sam’s Club, much cheaper. These crackers were hard, not crunchy, almost seemed stale. The first bite didn’t taste too bad but they left an awful, odd after-taste, similar to burned grain. The texture wasn’t too bad, not the usual prepackaged gluten-free grainy texture. My husband went Gluten-Free when I had to, he almost almost anything and he doesn’t like them either. We tried them plain, with cream cheese, with cream cheese/olives, in salad, with cheddar cheese, nacho cheese but nothing would conceal the after-taste, in my opinion they were Horrible! I would say it is just my taste buds but…I not 1 of my 5 kids, 4 of which will eat pretty much anything, liked these. We offered them to friends, family, and neighbors but after trying them no one would take them. It could be possible that we purchased a bad batch, there were 2 packages in the box, but I don’t think we want to chance buying and wasting another box. After reading some of the other reviews it appears many people love them, I guess you never know unless you try them. We hated to toss them in the trash so we occasionally used them as dog treats, the dogs did like them.
DottieMayo, FL

These are the BEST gluten free crackers I’ve every had!!!!

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in July 2009. I’ve gone to grocery stores and whole foods markets in Pennsylvania and New York, and out of all the different varieties of gluten free crackers I’ve tried (and trust me, it’s been a LOT!), these are hands down the absolute BEST! I love them! Plain, or with sliced cheese or with Tuna or some black beans on top, they are delicious. I was so happy when I tried them the first time I almost cried. If you live with celiac disease you know how hard it is to find good tasting alternatives to what you used to eat. This is a wonderful company for putting out such good food, which also happens to be nutritious. Thanks Crunchmaster!
TamalaWells, NY