Crystal Hot Sauce

4/12oz Bottles of Crystal Hot Suace.

Quick facts

  • Louisiana’s Pure Hot Sauce
  • Aged Red Cayenne Peppers
  • Only 3 Ingredients

Top reviews

Great for Hot Wings

Mixed with butter and Sriachi hot sauce, this makes a great hot wing sauce. Grill your wings for around 15 min and toss in sauce while wings are hot. Combine with cream cheese and blue cheese whizzed up in a cuisinart and spread on celery and bingo; great weeknight meal.
LizabethTrout Lake, MI

Delicious…and not too spicy

I love super spicy and my wife likes light hot sauce. This works for both of us….VERY TASTY HOT SAUCE!
AzaleePlains, MT

The “Crystal” of Hot Sauce

Hands down the best hot sauce out there, especially for the price! A little pricier on Amazon than in the stores, but it’s difficult finding a location that carries it!
BenjaminLandis, NC

Great alternative to Tabasco,

As far as Louisiana style sauces go, this is one of the best and cheapest. Most any
“local” type establishment you visit in and around New Orleans will have a bottle of
Crystal on the table. Its not hot at all, maybe a 3 on a 10 scale, but the flavor
particularly for your basic generic Cajun spread is fantastic.

The best thing about Crystal is that its not only available at most retail outlets, but
its cheap. Locally, a 12oz. bottle can be had for $1.39. Comparatively, the 2oz. bottle
of Tabasco costs $1.59 at the local grocery so it pays to have a couple of bottles of
Crystal laying around. Its also a beautiful stunning red color that I’ve learned to
appreciate over the years of sampling all the Louisiana style sauces. Next to Chef Paul’s
Magic Pepper Sauce, this is my favorite.

Good in stews, gumbos, on fish, chicken and pork when you want all the flavor without
the burn. If you’re cooking for friends they wont mind you throwing in liberal doses
of this stuff. 5 Scovies

BTW, I’ve been a long time fan of Crystal, and when they introduced their Extra Hot Sauce
I got so excited I wrote them a letter, a week later I got a personal note back from the
president of Baumer Foods thanking me for my business and he included two coupons for any
size Crystal Hot Sauce. These guys are doing it right!

FrancinaCross Plains, TN