Crystal Light Crystal Light Raspberry Ice Drink Mix, Pitcher Packs, 0.87 oz

Artificial flavor. 1 packet makes 2 quarts with 8 cups cold water. 2 packets make 4 quarts with 16 cups cold water. Each packet is filled to make 2 quarts.

Quick facts

  • 5 Calories per Serving
  • 90% Fewer Calories than Leading Beverages
  • 99.9% Caffeine Free
  • Low Calorie; Low Sodium; Sugar Free
  • Gluten Free; Kosher

Top reviews

tastes like sweet red water

This is a bland boring flavor close to a child’s “red” colored drink mix, even when diluted to 3/4 gallon per powder cup. I drink a Gallon of water with sugar free drink mix per day. Crystal Light loses 1 star for using a cheap old sweetener, loses another star for being expensive, and loses a third star for being such a lame non existent flavor.
JaclynGuerra, TX