Crystal Light Energy On The Go, Peach Mango, 10-Count

Crystal Light Energy Peach Mango Natural Flavor With Other Natural Flavor Drink Mix. 5 calories per serving. 90% fewer calories than leading beverages. Caffeine energy releasing B vitamins. See back. On the go. 10 packets-0.07 oz (2.21g).

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not bad!

Ok, to be fair, I bought this at the store, but I suppose that doesn’t matter in the long run. See, I ran out of the water enhancer that I normally use and happened to see this close by. It was cheaper than the generic mio I was going to buy, so I figured what the hey and bought it.

Instead of mixing a packet in a 16.9 oz bottle, I mix it in a 1 ltr bottle. Two in my bottle made it almost taste like peach-mango juice. I find 1 per 1 ltr bottle works well enough to cover the “flavor” of the water. I also happen to like that it’s fortified with vitamins AND caffeine.

CarminaDale, IN


I purchase the strawberry version of the Crystal Light Energy line usually, but decided to give peach mango a try. It was very good! I drink this stuff everyday, and having a different flavor was an excellent change. 120 mg of caffeine per packet, and all the water you can drink. No more of that canned energy crap for me!
AlizaShady Side, MD

Sweet & refreshing

I was hesitant to try this because it has aspartame and I don’t usually care for any drink that contains it. The idea of caffeine lured me to try it. I’m glad I did! I don’t taste the artificial sweetener at all. The caffeine is a bonus for anyone trying to cut coffee or soda from their diet. It also contains B12. This is a very sweet drink, almost juice like. I added a packet to a 16 oz. bottle of water. Definitely will buy more this!
AdenaOconto Falls, WI

Better than a milk-shake!

I use the Peach/Mango in a vanilla protein drink. Add crushed ice and you think you’re drinking a dreamy, rich ice-cream drink. The peach/mango flavor is a refreshing way to perk up a morning or afternoon snack. Try it… you’ll love it!!
OlindaProvidence Forge, VA


Say goodbye to coffee. Crystal Light Energy has just the right amount of caffiene. It is portable, easy to use (just add water) and it tastes delicious and refreshing. No queasy feeling from acidic coffee. I highly recommend this product.
RegineClements, CA