Crystal Light Green Tea Raspberry Drink Mix

Powdered soft drink mix

Quick facts

  • Each Canister Contains 5 2-Quart (5-2 Liter) Packets
  • 99% Caffeine Free (10mg Caffeine Per Serving)
  • Kosher Product; Low in Sodium and Sugar Free
  • Each 8 Ounce (237 ml) Serving Contains 5 Calories

Top reviews

i looooooovvvvvvvveeeee it

First of all i bought the same jouce from spines in qatar and it was PINK Lemon IM use it for the GYM water because IM usually drinking the water with flavor on it , i ordered a lot of flavors and i like it , this size its make a 4 times bottle of 600ML.
delishoes.ummy ummy First of all i bought the same jouce from spines in Qatar and it was PINK Limon im use it for the GYM water because IM usually drink the water with flavor on it , i ordered a lot of flavors and i like it , this size its make a 4 times bottle of 600ML.
delishoes.ummy ummy
CecileCape Coral, FL


KeeshaHighlands, NJ

A refreshing and light raspberry flavored tea!

We love Crystal Light drinks and we drink them all the time. In the summer we drink a lot of iced tea but we also watch our caffeine intake. This Crystal Light flavor is ideal for us as it is almost caffeine free and the light raspberry flavor just makes the drink better without overwhelming the taste of the tea. This is one of our favorite flavors of Crystal Light and we think that you will like it also! It is best when served cold for the ideal taste.

* Low Sodium.
* 99% caffeine free with only 10 mg of caffeine per serving.
* Non-carbonated and easier on your stomach.
* One packet makes 8 servings and there are 5 packets per container so you get 40 servings per container and this item features a pack of four.
* Only 5 calories per serving with 5 mg of sodium and less than 1 g of carbohydrates.
* Each serving provides 10% of your daily requirements of vitamin E, vitamin A and vitamin C.
* Less expensive than carbonated beverages.

EveretteIrma, WI

Totally YUMMY!

I typically don’t like ANY instant tea drinks but this stuff is YUMMY and not nearly as sweet as some of the crystal light flavors. I’m not a fan of overly sweet drinks. This has a subtle fruit flavor that doesn’t over whelm the green tea. But beware! These are NOT individual servings. Each packet makes a 2 Quart pitcher. Like it so much, I have it as a subscribe & save item! Just wish they had the individual packs on S&S.
RemonaLodi, NY

One of my 2 favorites

Raspberry Green Tea Crystal Light and Ruby Red Crystal Light are my two favorite drinks. I have been drinking them since they were introduced. They are very hard to find and I was thrilled when I could get them at Amazon, only to be told that it was no longer going to be possible. My only hope is that they will change their mind.
ChangValencia, PA

good try it

One of the women where I worked before I retired served this at my retirement party. I thought it was fruit tea but turns out it is Crystal Light. I loved it and now it is all I drink. Thanks Jill
LoidaNekoosa, WI

Like this but not the artifical sweetner aspertame.

I like a lot of the flavors crystal light has, but have stopped drinking it when I discovered it has aspertame as it’s artifical sweetner. Wish they would make some with stevia.
MackNorth Billerica, MA

crystal light

very good service and product, was exactly what I had intended to order at a good price. I would order again from this vendor.
MarxBayboro, NC

great mix

I buy gallon poland spring bottles, and pour one pack in it and have disposable ice tea jugs. green tea raspberry better than reg raspberry by far
JeraldBrisbane, CA

Great drink

The low calories is just a bonus..great tasting too. I bring a botlle of this with me to work every day.
GiseleEnterprise, MS

Love it!

Not really a fan of sugary or overly sweet drinks. When I am not drinking water (which is a lot) I sometimes want something a little sweeter or fruitier. I bought the green tea raspberry mix on a whim and I am really happy I did. I use one packet in a gallon pitcher. The package suggests one packet for 2 qts but i really like it just a little diluted. Its refreshing and has a great taste. Its not overly herbal like most iced green teas I have tried.
Will definitely buy again.
LouanneManassa, CO