Crystal Light On The Go Hunger Satisfaction, Natural Strawberry Banana, 7

Crystal Light On-the-Go, Hunger Satisfaction, Strawberry Banana, 10-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) is a natural on the go drink mix. This drink has 5g of fiber and 3g of protein to satisfy hunger and 90% fewer calories than any other leading beverages.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 6,
  • Natural flavored drink mix
  • Contains fiber and protein to satisy hunger
  • 90% fewer calories than any other leading beverages

Top reviews

Powder drink

Product received 6 boxed with 10 packets in each box with expiration in 30 days! Grrrrrrr! Not appropriate information given.
PaolaMeridianville, AL

About to expire

I like the product but am dismayed that I just received it 3 days ago and see it is best when used by July 19, 2011-four days from now!! I checked my current, locally bought box that has a date of October, this seller must just be trying to get rid of ‘about to expire’ product. Would be great to have that info before purchase, Amazon!
(edit: my 12.99 was refunded after I complained to the company, so I am raising my rating. However the price has gone way up..buyer beware! The drink is delicious but has been repackaged with less servings per box, so this is probably the end of this batch!)
SherikaCarrollton, AL

Is it being phased out?

I LOVE this flavor of the on the go packets. But I can’t find it anywhere either..I even tried ordering it from (it’s cheaper than grocery stores or target) and they were completely sold out of the product online too. What’s up with that? It’s more expensive here on Amazon but it’s the only place I can get it. I drink this in the morning before breakfast & I notice my sugar intake has gone down as well as portion size…I stay full with this flavor, I can’t explain it. It’s great, highly recommend it!
VernitaMaben, MS

Best powdered drink out there

Got it in AL could not find it in n. Va. this stuff is the best tasting powdered drink out there. Guess i have to order it online since the store are not carrying it around here.
ChrystalNorth Arlington, NJ

Great product

I would highly recommend this product. It is very tasty, mixes easily and really does help to curb your appetite. I have recommended it to many friends.
NettieRio Blanco, PR

I agree with others the mix is very good.

The mix leaves no grit and tastes good. It suppresses my hungry for about an hour which is as good as any snack bar with a 1/3 of calories.
CharlsieLancaster, CA

Excellent flavor works to curb afternoon hunger

I had this perception that a protein drink would be gritty or thick.

This product dissolves fully and has no thickness. I often dissolve it in 32 oz of water and also add another regular crystal light to it. Also often around 4pm I will drink one 16 oz glass. I find that this curbs my hunger so that when I get home from work I don’t feel famished and raid the fridge.

JohanaBoswell, AR

Delicious! picky Hubby even LIKES!

great tasting and is very satisfying when you need something quick! just add to bottle of water can’t go wrong!
Crystal Light
SindyHaubstadt, IN

This is the best stuff that you can’t get in the stores anymore

This is the best diet drink ever created! I used to drink it all day, every day, and it really did what it says it does, it satisfies your hunger, you want to eat less.

And now it is off the shelves, and I can’t even find it among the products that Crystal Light lists on its website. I emailed them, asking why this is not manufactured anymore. I have not known anyone who has had this who doesn’t love it. It is not as tart as all the other CL flavors, and its effects are wonderful. I realized I gained a few pounds lately, and just figured out last night it’s because I haven’t had this drink in weeks! I don’t know if I’m eating more, but I do know that I was happier when I had it.

If I can afford amazon’s price for it and they are keeping it in stock, I will be getting it here. If it totally goes away, Kraft will have made a big mistake.

AgnusMayflower, AR

Hunger drink mix

I love this product but, alas is no longer carried on my local grocery shelves. I am a long haul trucker,& this helps keep me from snacking between meals. I hope it is repackaged and resent locally so I can pay a more reasonable price than what I am forced to pay here online for this stuff…
ElinTalmage, KS

Crystal Light Strawberry Banana Hunger Satisfaction

I have tried just about every brand of powdered add-to-water drink mixes around. This on is by far the best tasting one I’ve had. A bottle of cool water instantly becomes yummy strawberry banana delightfulness. I cannot more highly recommend it.
AzaleeMonroe Center, IL

Hunger Satisfying, not Supressing

This is a great low-calorie, fat free product that curbs my hunger for a good two to three hours until I have time to make the actual meal that I am supposed to (as opposed to eating snack chips or similar). It is not effective for nor is it intended to be a meal or snack replacement. Mix it in a 16.9 oz water bottle for a more “full” feeling, or mix it into two bottles for a more diluted, tasty drink. I use this product everyday, if not at least 5x a week. You should try it!
KirbyAlto, TX