Crystal Light On The Go, Sunrise Classic Orange Drink Mix, 10

Crystal Light Classic Orange On-the-Go is sugar free, orange flavored drink mix that turns ordinary tasting water into a flavorful, low-calorie soft drink 90 percent less calories than leading soft.

Quick facts

  • Offers all the benefits of water plus a refreshing light taste
  • Sugar-free, orange flavored drink mix that turns ordinary tasting water into a flavorful, low-calorie soft drink
  • 90% less calories than leading soft drinks
  • Convenient, individual packets; just add to your bottled water and shake

Top reviews


I don’t know what possessed me to buy this; I think I was just tired of drinking water.
So I bought it, and…..I like it.
It mixes instantly without leaving any nasty clumps.
It tastes just like orange. Maybe a tad tangier but it’s still good.
I recommend throwing in a shot of vodka with a little diet Mt. Dew for a little extra fizz.
Double yummy, just don’t do this when you’re at work lol.
Orange Crystal Light comes….
ZelmaCedar, MI

Sunrise Classic Orange– my Favorite Crystal Light Flavor

I really enjoy this Sunrise Classic Orange Flavor. I have cut way back on sugary foods and drinks and fruit JUICES. So I am very happy that this flavor tastes so much like Orange Juice to me.
VernonActon, MT

Great Product!!

If you like tang or orange kool-aid then you will love this product. I even like it better when I double the amout of powder, makes a better orange flavor.
ManieGrand Island, FL

Love Crystal Lite Orange

I love Crystal Light Orange Sunrise! It’s great in single serve size and I also enjoy the larger size, which unfortunately hasn’t been available lately.
HoracioYorktown Heights, NY

orange juice substitute for diabetics

This makes sugar free orange drink with 100% of vitamin C. I used to get it in grocery already made in bottles. It wasn’t bad at all. Then I couldn’t get it anymore since most people buy real orange juice. I got the powder, then even that disappeared from the shelf. It is good and the company says its always avilable. As a diabetic it doesn’t affect my sugar. I enjoy it in the morning.
MarindaDayton, VA

Never leave home w/o it !

I bought this online because I couldn’t find it anywhere in the stores. The packets are easy to use and I keep several in each purse so they’re always at hand. They spruce up the H2O in my water bottles and can even keep the tab at a restaurant a bit lower (if you dare !!!) lol
RebeccaMountain Pass, CA

Classic Orange Crystal Light

I was subscribed to receive this in the Crystal Light Classic Orange, 2.5-Ounce Unit (Pack of 6 – which I prefer), but it has been Temporarily out of stock since August 17, 2009. This is one of the best tasting drink mixes I’ve ever tried!
LeighRockbridge Baths, VA