Crystal Light Raspberry Ice Drink Mix

Powdered soft drink mix

Quick facts

  • Each Canister Contains 6 2-Quart (6-2 Liter) Packets
  • Kosher Product and Caffeine Free
  • Low in Sodium and Gluten Free
  • Each 8 Ounce (237 ml) Serving Contains 5 Calories

Top reviews

Great taste, but too sweet

This stuff has a great taste, but it is super sweet at the suggested ratio of one packet per 2 qts of water. I usually add an extra 16oz. to the jug I make it in. It also stains your teeth more than any other flavor of CL that I’ve gotten before.
FaustinoCuervo, NM

Refreshing, no bitter aftertaste

A rather pleasant taste. Dissolves well with no clumps.
A great tasting drink, low calories, and thats all.
No bitter aftertaste.
BarbraEveleth, MN