Crystal Light

Crystal Light is sugar-free with less than 5 calories per serving. Wild Strawberry is fortified with B vitamins and 60mg caffeine per serving to help boost energy levels. The Crystal Light brand is widely recognized by consumers and is the selling non carbonated sugar-free fruit drink mix. Instant Dissolve technology allows for quick preparation and consistent quality of finished product. Small packaging supports sustainability initiatives. Powdered soft drinks offer a lower cost per oz. versus ready-to-drink beverages and thus, greater profitability.

Quick facts

  • Energy drink mix
  • Sugar free product
  • Contains artificial flavor
  • Kosher certified

Top reviews

Great New Flavor from Amazon

This is a great new flavor in a bulk type bag. Each one makes two gallons and is great for big families or parties. I live by myself and use a tablespoon to make a 1/2 gallon pitcher full. I might add more powder if I want to use a lot of ice in my glass (as I have been doing this awful hot summer) so that the drink remains strong enough to enjoy and not get too watery. I like to make my own flavors and have added some of the wild strawberry to some of the crystal light teas to create another good drink. I would like to see even more flavors packed this way so I can experiment with new combinations.
EdytheLuke, MD