Crystallized Ginger, 5 Lb Bag

Ginger has numerous applications in sweet and savory cooking. It is an essential ingredient of curry powder and other spice blends, and is found in gingerbread, cookies, cakes, puddings, pickles, and many Asian vegetable dishes.

Quick facts

  • Crystallized Ginger has been slowly cooked in sugar syrup and rolled in coarse sugar to preserve its sweet, spicy taste
  • These sugar-coated ginger pieces are perfect for adding a touch of sweet, peppery flavor to a recipe or enjoying as a chewy candy
  • Enjoy as-is for a immune-boosting snack
  • Chop and use in baking, such as gingerbread, cakes and cookies
  • Gluten Free, KOF-K Kosher Certified, Non-GMO

Top reviews

Really has a bite!

Just received our 5-lb. bag and my husband and I both love this soft and chewy product from Angelina’s Gourmet Foods. We keep crystallized ginger in a sugar bowl on our table for “dessert” and/or to aid digestion. Although not labeled as such, I’m guessing this ginger is from Thailand, as most of the Australian ginger we’ve tried is very mild and often flavorless; not so with this one. It is spicy and hot and is what I expect from ginger; I don’t have to eat a bunch to know what I’m tasting! I also chop it fine and add it to several recipes, including biscotti. We’ll definitely order this again.
KenethLangley, AR

great tangy chew

This has an excellent ginger tang, is chewable without either too much fiber or gumdrop stickiness. The Amazon description mentions sulfur dioxide; I’m usually sensitive to that, but if it’s actually in there I didn’t notice it. The 5-pounds came in one nonresealable bag; I simply transferred the slices to two zip bags for convenience in use and storage.
HallieHoly City, CA


this is the best ginger I have4 had in a long time. I love this product very much and each slice is just as tasty as sthe first.
HisakoMidpines, CA

Good quality, good price

We’ve tried a variety of crysallized ginger and find this to be a good, consistent quality at a quite reasonable price. The individual pieces are sliced lengthwise or on the bias and are not the little ‘coins’ you get with some other gingers but, for the most part, are tasty and smooth. There is an occasional stringy piece but not a lot. Keep in mind that this ginger has a bit of a bite, so be prepared. Shipping is prompt.
LorenzoSun City Center, FL

Sometimes really bad

I regularly order this product and it is normally as described by other reviewers, tender, moist, sweet. Occasionally, it seems to be distributed by another company and in those cases the quality is poor. The ginger is darker, dry, bitter, and tough. Lack of consistency of this product is unfortunate because when it is good, it is really good. When it is bad, it is a waste of money because you can’t return it.
CelestinaAberdeen, NC

product with bite

I have enjoyed many different brands of crystalized ginger over the years. Ths product has a little too much sugar for me but I just rinse it off before eating it. The ginger itself is wonderful. It is not too strong and not weak in flavour.
A great product.
DanielNorth Aurora, IL

Love it!

I really enjoy candied Ginger. It not only tastes great, but it noticeably helps with nausea and is supposed to be great for digestion. This brand is especially excellent. I have tried a few different brands off of Amazon and not all were so good. This one has a perfect blend of sweet and that ginger ‘bite.’ Klein’s 10 oz. tubs I thought were too sweet, but I did eat it all eventually. Reed’s 3.5 oz bags and Roland’s 6lb can I just can’t eat. They’re way too much – super strong and – just very different from Angelina’s. It may work for baking, but I don’t cook with ginger generally. This ginger from Angelina’s is so good I’ve bought it 3 times now because of the taste and because of how it helps with nausea. I also enjoyed the stuff from sweet gourmet (16oz).
CelesteMount Cory, OH

great product

I have been buying little bags of ginger at the local gourmet market. Not only am I paying way more, but I found that the quality is inconsistent. After reading all the reviews on Amazon, I decided to buy a 5 lbs package. So far I am thrilled and won’t be running anytime soon. I snack on it all the time and I have not had an upset stomach or cravings for any snacks between meals.
CarlineCascade Locks, OR

Give a kick to your pallet!

Excellent quality product, at a reasonable price. This has been the second order; it goes really fast! This time the ginger was a little dryer than before.
I suggest checkng the date that the products was packaged.
KarissaSaint Michael, AK

Very disappoined

I wish I had listened to the reviewer who said this is “sometimes really bad.” This shipment of crystallized ginger is old, dry & disgusting! And I have 5 lbs of it! This quality is horrible, & I cannot eat it.

This was my first purchase from Bayside Candies. I love crystallized ginger, and this was the better deal with 5 lbs for approx. $20. I have bought this ginger from Amazon before, but from a different company. The other company’s was $9 for only 16 oz. It was fresh and delicious. I am very disappointed with my purchase. I could kick myself!

NorineHope, ID

Best Ginger, Best Price

Great crystallized ginger; fresh, long-lasting, wonderful flavor.
We have ordered from Angela’s many times and have always been pleased.
Always ships on time and always has the best price.
RosalynPeru, IL

Soft and zesty

I am a regular buyer of this ginger now. It is very soft and tender, but has that great ginger bite to it. I eat it plain and also put a few slices in my Chai tea along with cinnamon and cloves. I think this is the best value for bulk ginger slices. 5 pounds fills 4 quart jars with about a pint extra. You’d be surprised how many people like to be given a jar of these as a special friend gift!
KathleneGoshen, KY


What’s to say? Product arrived quickly, was fairly priced, and is delicious. My wife uses it in her chutney recipe, but most of it is eaten in small amounts as a snack. Ginger is also quite helpful with seasickness and upset stomachs – ginger snaps, ginger ale, and, of course, crystallized ginger.
HipolitoSmock, PA


This ginger exceeded my expectations, it is fresh and delectable and there is enough to last even this ginger-addict a long, long time.
DenisReading, MA

The Best!

This is an excellent product! Just the right color, texture and taste. Tastes like those name brand more expensive small quantities sold. Five pounds is NOT too much for me – I love this stuff!
ShayneBrooklyn, IA

Best on Amazon

I have tried several brands of ginger from Amazon. This is the freshest and best quality of ginger so far. I will definitely re-order.
HanBrodheadsville, PA

Fresh and perfectly preserved Ginger…..The best!

If you like Crystallized Ginger your will love this product. Light colored and obviously fresh and nice nice large pieces.
SteffanieRockford, MN


I order this 5 lb. bag of ginger and sometimes it is REALLY hot and other times it’s just right. This last time it was PERFECT. Just like anything else in the food world, it won’t be consistantly the same but I’ve had good more often than not so good.
ShoshanaPrue, OK

Spice up your life!!!

WOW, this stuff is so fun!!! If you are a fan of ginger, this is the product for you. Ginger is supposed to be great for digestion, but it’s also quite delicious. This particular product seems to be the spiciest crystallized ginger I’ve ever eaten. It’s extra soft, and seems fresher than when I buy it at the grocery store. And the kicker? When I last bought this product at the grocery store, the unit price was around 12 dollars per pound. Since this seller lists their ginger on amazon for less than 5 dollars per pound, it’s a no brainer for me. This is the best bulk deal I’ve found, and of course it’s on Amazon. That’s why I’m the ultimate amazon Fun Boi. Amazon so fun, ginger so delicious, blood pumps faster and stronger, excitement unending!!! I’m moaning while I chomp my teeth and gums and lips, and suck on this ginger. Scrumptious and overwhelming, the flavor makes my eyes tear with emotion. I’ll never get enough, ginger keeps my heart beating. Thank you ginger!!!
ThuyHinsdale, IL

So Happy!!

Was not able to get this ginger locally for my cranberry juice and ginger tea. I like lots of heat from the ginger and the brown cube kind here was more sweet than hot. I was mixing in fresh ginger in desperation. I am VERY HAPPY with Bayside Candies’ ginger and the priority mail delivery did not take long.
LudieKenefic, OK

Crystallized Ginger

Wonderful fresh crystallized ginger at a great price. It makes a fantastic nibble. I love this stuff. I will buy it again and again. A most satisfying purchase.
EvelyneUpper Sandusky, OH

Ginger, Crystallized – 5 Lb Bag / Box Each

NOW, THIS IS GINGER! After being disappointed by so many other types of ginger, including those little round variety from Amazon and others, I took a chance and ordered this product. To spend money for a five pound bag, not knowing whether I’d find it to my liking or not, was a slight gamble that I took. And I am glad I did. Candied or not I want that “Zing” in ginger and these bites have it. If you like sweet and mild ginger candy, this is not for you. Here the ginger flavor comes out nice and strong. A great tummy-settler after a heavy meal or extensive munching on brownies.
TabethaWestport, KY

Wow! Chewy, spicy, fresh!

The 5 lb. bag of crystalllized ginger arrived very quickly. It is so good! It’s fresh, chewy, worthy of great desserts or just as is. I highly recommend this one!
ArdisHarborton, VA

Wonderful ginger

I just purchased the five pound bag of candied ginger. I used to be able to buy it locally but now I’m so happy to have found this supplier. Not only is the ginger superb with quite a bite but it filled a gallon glass jar. I use this for my stomach when needed but it’s also a great snack, just a couple of pieces are very satisfying. It was delivered within a week of my order being placed and I would definetly order from this supplier again.
RheaSpringfield, CO


Ginger relieves the nausea and morning stiffness of arthritis as well as relieving exercise pain. This ginger is hot, sweet and spicy. It is thinly sliced, soft and chewy and lightly coated with sugar crystals. It is delicious and I enjoy it as a snack/desert.
ShebaWarsaw, KY

Good Stuff

Quality product. Nice slices. A lot of great ginger taste. Get this one, not the cheapo chinese made one in the paint can.
HuiPaynesville, WV