Cucina Antica La Pizza Sauce, 16-Ounce Jars

This is the real thing! This truly authentic pizza sauce has no paste, no water, and no sugar added. This light, slightly chunky sauces gives you a true pizza sauce taste. Our sauce is made with tomatoes from Naples, Italy- the city where pizza orginated. Simply spread the Cucina Antica La Pizza sauce over any dough or crust for a delicious, make-it-yourself pizza!

Quick facts

  • Non-GMO Verified
  • Gluten Free
  • Homemade Flavor
  • Cooking Sauce
  • 6 Pack

Top reviews

Fabulous Pizza Sauce

Hi Folks, I’m very surprised that no one has tried this sauce and felt moved to write a review. I’ll try and do it justice. First you will notice the texture, it is lite, with chunks of tomato. You get the feeling that you are the one making it, reducing the sauce but you stop before it goes too far. The texture is unlike any other I have ever experienced. Being use to the industrial blender smooth and heavy feel of typical commercial sauces I knew I was on to something when I first spread this one. Once you’ve baked it up with you favorite topping you will absolutely melt when you taste it. I said to myself, “where have you been all my life”? Again the taste is lite and zesty, definitely say “hello, how do you like me now”! I hope you will give it a try. I plan on hunting down and trying their other sauces. Good Luck and Enjoy!
ScottieBuckeye, AZ

Simply The Best

Without a doubt this is in my opinion the very best commercially made pizza sauce available. I’ve tried practically all others I’ve came across,and none match the flavor and smoothness of this sauce. Some may find this sauce a little pricy, but it’s worth every cent.
KimberliStratton, OH

Excellent value for a San Marzano-based sauce

I highly recommend Cucina Antica “La Pizza” cooking sauce for anyone who wants a top-of-the-line pizza sauce at a reasonable price. Most good tomato-based sauces are really getting pricey. This is a good deal, especially if you consider that they use San Marzano tomatoes which are expensive in of themselves. Overall, this is an excellent product.
SorayaFairplay, CO