CuisineMentor 12 Month Spice Club. ..the Gift That Keeps Giving.

Each month brings new easy recipes and exciting spice blends from around the world for your cooking and eating pleasure. Shipped in 4 quarterly shipments, the monthly spice blends are in packages making several recipes generally serving 5-6 people. Cuisines of the World Spice Blend 12-Month Club orders receive an authentic Thai Rice Tureen with their first shipment This embossed aluminum rice tureen is a beautiful serving dish for many of the upcoming recipes. The tureen, ladle and the current quarter’s 3 spice blends will be wrapped in a seasonal gift wrap and accompanied by an announcement letter and details of the gift. It ships immediately. . . . Celebrate the world cuisines at home. Easy, authentic and delicious. The Cuisines of the World 12-Month Spice Blend Club itinerary is the following: ……….Quarter 1 (January-March)shipment:*Indian Tandoori Gourmet Spice Blend, * Chef Mona’s Choice Gourmet Spice Blend – Limited Edition Chinese Five-Spice Powder Spice Blend and Moroccan Chicken Gourmet Spice Blend; ……….Quarter 2 (April- June)shipment:*Hungarian Goulash Gourmet Spice Blend (New!), *Chef Mona’s Choice Gourmet Spice Blend – Limited Edition Israeli Za’atar Spice Blend, *Thai BBQ Gourmet Spice Blend; ……….Quarter 3 (July – September) shipment: *Mediterranean Grill Gourmet Spice Blend, *Espresso Steak-BBQ Rub Spice Blend, *Bavarian Braised Sauerkraut Gourmet Spice Blend; ……….Quarter 4 (October – December)Shipment: *African Piri-Piri Gourmet Spice Blend, *German Gluhwein Gourmet Spice Blend, *Native American Three Sisters Stew Gourmet Spice Blend. The Cuisines of the World 12-Month Spice Blend Club is the perfect gift for any occasion, for someone hard to buy for, the novice or accomplished cook, the vegetarian, the foodie or even yourself. It will be remembered all year long as these wonderful cuisines are explored! **** Note November/December orders will immediately ship Quarter 4 Spice Blends.

Quick facts

  • Shipped in 4 seasonal shipments. First shipment ships immediately. Each month’s selection is accompanied by a recipe newsletter which includes interesting information about the cuisine and outstanding easy recipes, one of which is always vegetarian.
  • Thai Rice Tureen and ladle with first shipment. Artisan Spice Blends are hand-crafted and hand-blended in small batches in Oregon.
  • Vegetarian options. All natural, Gluten Free, no MSG, additives or preservatives. Gluten free. Sugar free. 11 blends are salt-free.
  • Select standard delivery. Get free upgrade to Priority! Cuisines of the World Gourmet Spice Blend Club offers an exciting variety of spice blends to create authentic world classic dishes.
  • Our 12 month Cuisines of the World” Gourmet Spice Blend Club makes an exceptional, educational gift! Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thank you,…..for the foodie.

Top reviews

Wonderful product

Each month a more wonderful spice than the one before it arrives at your door and you can’t wait to cook with it. Each month has a couple of recipes that contain meat and at least one vegetarian option. My husband and I have enjoyed trying the different spices and recipes. The customer service is also very good.
EdwinLas Cruces, NM

Great gift for the personal cook

Bought this as a gift for someone who enjoys cooking. This has got to be the cheapest 12-month club of any product that I’ve found (heck, even a hot sauce club is over $200, and this is way cooler than hot sauce). This is a great personal gift that allows the person to be creative in their uses. The terrine was lovely, albeit smaller than I had expected. It was a well received gift that would be great for anyone who enjoys cooking and likes to try different things. The seller was even accommodating to ship me the terrine to give as the gift and send the remaining months of spices to the gifted. Got to love customer service!
TeenaBrimfield, IL