Cundy’s Harbor Lobster Stew, 1 Pint

Our signature product is loaded with big chunks of Maine lobster meat-more than a whole lobster in every quart. Made with heavy cream, butter, milk and subtle spices.

Quick facts

  • Large Chunks of Tender Maine Lobster
  • Rich and Creamy – Gluten free.
  • A Maine Tradition
  • Shipped frozen.
  • Voted Best Product Line, 2011 International Fancy Food Show

Top reviews

Just As I Remembered

Brought back wonderful memories of several trips Downeast. The flavoring is superb and the instructions for heating and serving were very helpful. Will certainly order again and will try other lobster products from this company.
IrisOwls Head, ME

Not all that

I bought a quart ($50 + shipping) direct from the vendor, expecting to be amazed based on AMZN reviews and reviews on the vendor’s site. I wasn’t amazed. Yes, it is delicious, something like a lobster bisque with a few chunks of claw meat added. Very rich and flavorful, but not noticeably better than any premium lobster bisque in your grocery. Did I enjoy it? Absolutely! Would I buy it again? At $50 a quart plus shipping, no way. A can of good quality lobster bisque plus a few big shrimp will satisfy your craving for the flavor and leave a lot more money in your pocket.
NormanSublimity, OR

Super . Definately worth it.

I purchased this item as a Christmas gift for my father n law from my children. He loved it. He said it was close to if not the best lobster stew he had ever eaten. He said it had lots of lobster in it and was very very tastey.
It was definately a hit with him as far as Christmas gifts go.
MigdaliaPortageville, MO

Thin, Watery, and Lacking in Flavor. Unimpressed.

I purchased this with the expectation that, like most lobster bisques I’ve had at high-end restaurants, it would be creamy, thick, and filling. Instead, it was watery, thin, bland, and not at all worth the price I paid. Yes, there is a decent amount of lobster meat included in each serving, but it does not compensate for the lack of flavor and texture in the soup. I would strongly advise against spending your money on this.

That being said, Hancock’s lobster mac and cheese is fantastic and worth every penny.

GalinaDowns, KS