Cutter Bug Free Backyard 32 oz Insect Repellent Concentrate HG-95627

For mosquito protection fit for any outdoor occasion, Cutter products have you and your family covered. The Cutter line’s effective protection, competitive pricing and variety of formulas have kept families enjoying the outdoors together in comfort for more than five decades.

Quick facts

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  • Repels and kills mosquitoes and other annoying insects
  • Controls up to 8 weeks, even after rain
  • Up to 5,000 square foot coverage

Top reviews

Unknown poison shipped to residence

Cutter Bug Free Backyard is an excellent product. Use it yearly and it always helps. That’s not necessarily what Amazon shipped to my home. I received an improper bottle with a label on the front and no Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet or any other markings, warnings, instructions that were supposed to be on the bottle. The serial numbers were unreadable. I didn’t open the bottle in case there was tampering with the chemical inside. Called Amazon and spent hours on the phone trying to get them to handle a potentially dangerous situation at my home. After several hours, they agreed to refund my money but could find no way to help me get rid of the unknown substance in the bottle. They kept referring me to “oversized packaging”,which is a section of Amazon that wasn’t even open for business. They also insisted that UPS could just pick up the bottle to return it. I had to explain to them, repeatedly, that that is not permitted. I also called UPS to make sure they knew that Amazon wanted to ship the unknown product using their service. After hours of calls, I received an e-mail stating that they can’t take the product back for health and safety reasons but were finally willing to give me back my money. I, however, would be stuck with the product. Even after calling the manufacturer’s emergency health line, they couldn’t do anything without the EPA numbers that are supposed to be on an appropriate bottle. Amazon’s corporate HQ in Seattle was even less help. They told me that they can’t handle this type of issue and that no one at their HQ would assist. I was told to call a HAZMAT removal company. Again, I would have to pay for Amazon’s mistake. Everyone at Amazon considered it my job to pay for removal. According to them, all the other bottles are marked properly. They can’t explain why this one wasn’t or whether it had been tampered with. I want it taken care of so that no one is injured by the contents. Amazon suggested that offering my a $50 credit would solve the issue. I declines their offer. I am considering paying for the removal and filing a claim in Small Claims Court for the expense plus my time. Perhaps public embarassment will make someone from Amazon take some responsibility.
HenrietteWhite Pine, TN

Cutter Bug-Free Concentrate is Effective on Mosquitoes

I live in an area in Minnesota where mosquitoes are numerous and extremely bothersome. Since we have relatively short summers, I look forward to the summer season to enjoy the outdoors, but mosquitoes will literally ruin the summer season if not treated. In addition, mosquitoes carry West Nile Disease, and a dear friend several houses away contracted this disease while working in his yard. He was severely ill for months, and was lucky to survive. To protect my family, I decided to take my yard back from the blood-sucking, disease-carrying demoms. I first tried one of the mosquitoe magnet devices, Mosquito Magnet MM4000 Defender Mosquito Trap,but despite its great hype (and price!), it did not eliminated the biting tormentors. I then sprayed the yard with an application of Cutter Bug-Free Backyard. The results were stunning! For the first time in many summer seasons, the yard was virtually free of mosquitoes. I have been using this product ever since, and am quite satisfied with it. For me it works better than any other product I’ve tried. The best feature of this product is that it both kills and then repells mosquitoes and bugs. I have found that it lasts about 3 weeks maximum, and that is dependent on the weather. If it rains hard after applying the repellent, I know I will have to reapply the chemical to the yard. A light rain does not seem to affect the repellant quality. Although Cutter advertizes an 8-week mosquito-free period, this is entirely inaccurate; the product must be applied every 2-3 weeks for effective mosquito control

The active ingredient is Permethrin. Permethrin is extremely toxic to fish and aquatic life, so if you have a backyard pond, avoid spraying this area. It is also highly toxic to cats, since they lick their fur and ingest the toxin. Cutter warns to keep all pets off the lawn until the application is completely dry. Spray the yard from the outside perimeter in. You don’t want to get the chemical on your feet, as it will cause a tingling sensation (it is a neurotoxin and is classified as a “likely” carcinogen. There is also a link to Parkinson’s disease). Wear heavy shoes or rubber boots when applying. Cutter instructions say to wet down the yard first, but I usually apply in the early AM when dew is still present. Avoid applying in windy conditions as you don’t want this stuff blowing back on you. Cutter says to not apply more than 14 treatments per year.

The product is applied by using a sprayer, like Ortho, SCOTTS ORTHO DIAL N SPRAY HOSE END, and setting the dial to 1/2 oz./gallon. Spray every single piece of greenery possible, as well as the sides of dwelling, window screens, etc. The wider the perimeter, the better the control of mosquitoes.

While there are risks in using any chemical, I apply the chemical carefully per instructions and avoid getting any on my body. The danger of West Nile Disease is significant in this area, and I’d rather apply Cutter’s Bug-Free Backyard than avoid going outside.


JulianaSouth Fallsburg, NY

Killed some

This bug stuff works. Well, mostly. It killed most of the mosquitoes hovering around the windows and doors. It seemed to reduce the bugs lurking in the bushes.

However, it wasn’t anywhere near 100% effective. I’d guess closer to 60% effective in the yard, and 50% up close to the house. Also, the “staying power” was non-existent. The entire area that I sprayed down with this product was fully swarmed with mosquitoes within the next 24 hours. This was without any rain or other environmental changes.

So, it’s better than nothing. But not better than just deciding to stay inside when the bugs are thick.

I will grant, though, that I live within 500yards of rice farms. In a more normal suburban environment, you could probably expect better results. I know I’ve gotten better results in previous residences.

TatyanaJonesville, KY

Higher Price, Lesser Product

This product is incredible at reducing mosquito populations. It works for about 3 weeks, and then a reapplication is necessary. In the past this concentrate version of the product contained .5% active ingredient and required a mixing ratio of .5oz per gallon of water. This new version has .16% active ingredient and requires 1.5oz per gallon of water. Reformulation by Cutter now requires the consumer to use 3 times as much to achieve the same result.
TamaraCut Bank, MT

Keeps mosquitos away

We’ve been using this product for years. It really works. doesnt harm the flowers. lasts up to about 30 days per spraying. Even after a rainfall.
CeceliaLucerne, IN

Only solution I have found for mosquitos

I live on a salt water tidal pond on one side and deep woods on the other which breeds mosquitos like a bad dream. I tried the mosquito magnet for a year and caught a bunch but still could not be out in the yard during the day without being attacked. When I apply the Cutter Backyard concentrate I am able to work and play out in the yard all day without any mosquitos. After dark the mosquitos are still pesky but my bug free time is good up until the sun goes down. I can only treat the perimeter of my home and not all the other places they breed so I am satisfied with this product. Also I did try malathion which works but is washed away after the first rain so I only would get a few days of protection. Cutter Backyard lasts 4-6 weeks as long as there is not lots of heavy rain and even with that you still get 3 weeks out of it. Been using it for 2 summers now so I know it is not a fluke.
JeriPound, VA


Cutter Bug Free Backyard 32 is awesome. I have done as it is says on instruction, What can I say, the mosquitoes gradually appear in 3 weeks, but we still have not as much mosquitoes as we have before. I am really impress by this product. I recommend to everybody who have problem with mosquitoes.
ArletteLangley, SC

Not perfect – but what an improvement!

Another Minnesotan who frequently could not enjoy his backyard and deck due to swarms of the Minnesota state bird. Our mosquitos have been known to carry off small children. This product won’t prevent all the mosquitos – but it sure knocks them down for a few weeks.

Does anybody else think it is odd that the price for just the product alone is MORE than the price for the product in the bottle with the built in sprayer? I don’t think their sprayer is very good, so I buy the cheapest I can get and dump it into my Ortho hose-end sprayer…

Now… why can’t we buy this stuff in gallon or 5 gallon jugs?

MalisaShinglehouse, PA