Da Rosario 100% Organic Black Truffle Flavored Olive Oil, 1.76-Ounce Glass Bottle

Tasty and tantalizing, Italian truffles are one of the most sought-after and expensive foodstuffs in the world. Black truffle flavored olive oil is fantastic on many dishes including salads, eggs, fish and pasta. Use by the drop it is so fragrant! For over 20 years, chefs at the finest restaurants have relied on one person to bring them the highest quality truffles, truffle products and mushrooms: Rosario Safina. The first and only real truffle EVOO Certified by USDA Organic program. That is because this truffle oil is made from only real truffles.

Quick facts

  • 1.76 Ounces Bottle

Top reviews


This is by far the worst black truffle oil I’ve ever tasted. It’s all oil, no truffle. Most quality truffle oils only need a few drops for flavor – this should take the entire bottle and still not get enough. I was hoping that by purchasing organic I’d get the quality I’ve come to know, but certainly not in this case. Stay away from this mess!
BlairGoldbond, VA

Amazing, and real!

This is an amazing product and I use it often. I’m a classically trained executive chef with experience working in some of the nicest restaurants around the world, including with real fresh truffles in France and Italy, and this is the flavor.

I’ve done comparisons and find it to be just as strong as the competition and it tastes like real truffles, not their synthetic counterpart. 99% of all other truffle oils out there are made with a synthetic flavor that tastes and smells similar to truffles, whereas this is flavored only with real truffles (hence the organic certification they can’t use chemical flavorings).

JiPocahontas, IA