Da Vinci White Chocolate Syrup, 750 ml Bottle

One of Da Vinci’s most popular flavors! Enjoy a white mocha or for a twist, use over pancakes in the morning

Quick facts

  • Ideal for espresso drinks, brewed coffee and teas
  • Also great in italian sodas, smoothies and for cooking and baking
  • Wonderful on pancakes or waffles too

Top reviews


We also found this to be great tasting. Flavorful, not weird tasting at all.the negative review des not sound like this product at all. Good value.
MarylnLockport, LA

It’s great for espresso!

I’m writing this to offset the overly negative review that someone else posted earlier. I’ve used a variety of methods for mixing coffee (drip-brew and espresso) with flavoring (both syrups and/or flavored creamer) and never liked the result. So now I just don’t use flavoring syrups unless I’m adding other ingredients like milk or ice or any of the myriad of barista’s secret elements. I use coffee syrups for all kinds of flavored espresso varieties (hot and cold) and White Chocolate flavoring is just another tool to make a semi-exotic (but certainly customized) beverages. It should be safe to assume that if you don’t like a White Chocolate drink from a coffee shop, you won’t like white chocolate syrup either.

Disclaimer – I’ve used some of Da Vinci’s other syrups, but not white chocolate syrup. The local coffee shop sells a different brand, for less than Amazon’s shipped price, and it’s so easy for me to stop in for more or new flavors. While it is certainly possible that Da Vinci’s White Chocolate Syrup is a total failure and doesn’t represent ‘white chocolate flavor’ well, the other scathing review seemed to be based on a limited use of coffee flavorings in general. Your mileage will, of course, vary.

JosueVillage Of Nagog Woods, MA

By far not the best.

I got this to mix into my coffee. It was the most disgusting product I have ever mixed in. Needless to say, it was a waste of money and poured down the drain. At least I got some use by recycling the bottle that causes for a higher shipping rate than the price of the product.
LupeVestaburg, MI